Majorlilkween & Maliibu Miitch Light up the Party Again With “Poison Ivy 2”

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With an unapologetic “I do whatever the f*** I want” attitude, Majorlilkween is the alter-ego of Alex Ljadov. Hailing from Tallinn, Estonia, Ljadov set her sights on a fashion career in New York City at the tender age of 16. Despite being an outcast, she quickly caught the attention of Victoria Beckham and became her muse. Within a year of arriving in the city, she strutted down the runway in over 80 fashion shows. 

As Alex navigated her work with various couture brands, she also had to develop a separate persona that embodied the spirit of New York City – a place that resonated with her on a personal level. Her love for music, performance, and video direction led her to create Majorlilkween, her pop star alter ego. 

“Poison Ivy 2” is a new song by Majorlilkween where Jersey club culture and sound meet her unique chic-pop concept for an invigorating spin to both that will *really* pump people up for the dancefloor. Majorlilkween herself says:

“Living in NYC as a teen & young adult I found so much inspiration/comfort in the colorful club kid & drag queen nightlife scene. I admire the idgaf attitude & the ability to just freely live your best, most authentic life. As a kid, I got picked on for dressing differently and being into recreating my favorite popstar’s music/dance videos. For a moment I thought in order to be “cool” I needed to blend in, but thankfully that phase did not last long and I realized if people have something to say you are doing it right and they will get it later.”

“Poison Ivy 2” is a collaborative effort including  Maliibu Miitch and DJ Tricks, the music video turns on the heat on the collab on more things than just the thumping beat: As Majorlilkweenand her girlfriends get ready to party, things take a steamy turn as we get glimpses of them twerking and enjoying a life of hedonism and high luxury.




Photos from the Plaza Hotel: Sinematic Studios
Styling: Shara Frank
Makeup on Majorlilkween: Yap The MUA
Makeup on Maliibu Miitch: Tia Rivers
Hair: Veronica Gregory 
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