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It isn’t an extension to say that if you’re craving a taste of the 90s that foreshadows the coming decade, you already know Magdalena Bay. With a trailing comet of hits behind them, the electric duo’s latest self-produced single, ‘Oh Hell,’ is a smashing atmospheric finale to 2019:

Sporting dark, tongue in cheek lyrics and melodies fit for our favorite Spears ballad, ‘Oh Hell’ is a slow dance party with creative swirls, playful effects, and a steady, gentle trap beat. Painting a scene of two lovers, lead singer Mica is admittedly falling head over heels as breathy waves crash in and out of the soundscape. The song details the often toxic nature of a young love without foundation, whose all consuming flame guides the infatuated into a neglectful, selfless trance.

“My first relationship experiences growing up were super toxic, but I went along with them because of a vague notion that love is supposed to be dark and complicated.” Mica accounts. “Honestly, I think a lot of media for young girls, at the time at least, helped solidify whack ideas in my head – like Twilight!” 

Magdalena Bay is known for their jivey, disco repertoire, and while ‘Oh Hell’ fits right in, it brings a welcomed, dreamy mood as we traverse into a new era. The single comes off the heels of two back-to-back #1 Hype Machine singles “Killshot” and “Good Intentions.” Incredible songwriters drafting a casual, humble world, Magdalena Bay distinctively sews together the old and the new. While many acts today are inspired by what’s come before, this duo has managed to tastefully sample the past, crafting their own contribution to the current sea of music.

Catch the hype for yourself on January 15th at the Elsewhere in Brooklyn.



photos / Alex Justice

story / Ariana Tibi

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