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story + pics / Koko Ntuen
thanks to Francis Floor Production

Lune is the musical project fronted by Swedish darling Linnea Martinsson. You might have heard her or seen the gorgeous video for Swedish House Mafia’s Leave The World Behind, a song that has garnered over three million views on Youtube alone. Linnea is an artist in every sense of the word. She lives her life as an art form through everything from dance, music, visuals and fashion, she is a walking gallery.  Her music varies from experimental, accompanied by dance beats and aggressive, while other times its sweet, acoustic and simple. Whatever genre she decides to take on Martinsson always captures your senses with her ethereal and strong voice in a way that leaves you with goosebumps and ready for more. Many have said she has vocals reminiscent of Bjork but the comparison is lazy to say the least, while they might be cut from the same cloth, Linnea is in a world of her own. It’s music that makes you feel like you are  are being lulled to another planet by a beautiful alien siren. Her debut album Music & Sports is out now.
When did you decide you wanted to share your music with the world?
As soon as I started think of Lune and the world that is Lune.
Did you ever feel shy about putting music out?
not so much,,,it’s very beautiful that my music is out/avalible. #waow
Why the name music &sports for your debut album?
Thats the combo of 2 things I love.
What was it like the first time you shared music with others?
exiting !!  – I really like 2 share new songs with people. It’s nize 2 be in the same room with someone and the music. I like 2 share the experience of new songs.

What was your experience like making this album and putting it out?
For me Music & Sports “happened” while me, Carl-Michael and Adrian was working on the album @ Gotland. We did 3 weeks focused period – our mission was 2 finish ~ Lune ~ the album. I had collected ideas, lyrics and harmonies that I brought with me. When the songs emerged one by one I had the feeling everything and everyone in the hole world could hear  it ~ I fell like saying “liiiife_wiiiiiiihooo whoop whoop” all the time. We had such a nize time together making Music & Sports.
Did a lot change for you after collaboration with The Swedish House Mafia for “Leave The World Behind” came out?
I think so ;;). LTWB – release invited more people 2 be a part of the Lune – universe so I’m very grateful about that.
Describe a dream scenario for a show you would like to do.
wow,,,for the moment I would say that would look and feel like,,,1000 dream chapters build of candy and loads of glitter and towel- art _ monster energy drinks everywhere and 100 plastic-dolphins,, a beach and all of my friends on stage and shit loads of love sending and lights from Teknikmagasinet, phones and MUSIC.
How does performing music and performing dance differ in your state of mind when on stage?
Whatever I do on stage live – is about sharing the moment no matter what I do, singing or dancing.
You have a very “sea-punk” aesthetic, what inspired your visuals?
Things and people i love. From small things like a fruit 2 big emotions, old and new stuff, things I’v with me from my childhood. #fengshui #everemma
You have a unique and beautiful dressing style, where do you collect your pieces from?
Thank you**,,basically I collect the most beautiful of everything I like from wherever, stuff that has lots of glitter and things I feel comfortable wearing like a pajamas for example….the style is more about the combo, the mix and how I put it together.
How big a part does social media play in your life?
That is definitely a part of my life, I hang out on the internet a lot ::). #superinsta #yumbo #chumi #xxl
Are there any songs that are really emotional for you to play live?
,,, hmm mm,,, that changes all the time,,, it depends on how I feel and where I am,, you know. Epic is really epic for me 2 play, so much fun and that song reminds me very much about people I love.
Where do you feel most inspired to write music?
often in the night.
Where do you feel most inspired to dance?
whenever wherever ~~~~
What do you love?
sooooo many things,,,, to much 2 handle. #life
Do you ever feel like you have trouble expressing yourself when writing songs in english?
Never. I always have 2 ask my friend Ludvig about how 2 spell things #hashtagfingerboy
Who is someone you would love to collaborate with?
For the moment I’m in a dream situation already working with those people.
What is your favorite thing about sweden?
the hangout, the people, the nature.
You have dabbled in music, fashion, art, sports, what other mediums would you like to explore?
you mention my hole world what more is it ::) ?? haha ,,,,text, and I want 2 continue with my pictures – #pizap #insta #lunethecenter
Your music is so versatile. you can listen to it in a club, or in the solitude of your own home. where do the think the best place to listen to your music is?
If I wouldn’t be me I would have sex or make out 2 Music & Sports but I totally trust that you who are listening know where and how 2 listen. #LIC






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