LUCA KOALA Invites You To “take those off”

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Born in Russia and raised online, LUCA KOALA is an EDM artist distilling surrealistic soundscapes into euphoric beats for the new roaring 20s.  LUCA moved to the United States as a teenager, where he studied to pass the bar, and started practicing international law to get his green card before putting that stuffed shirt thing away and getting his groove on making feel-good dancefloor anthems. For a time there, he ran a gallery and studio space in New York City called Koala Farm, but the parties got too loud and he was kicked out. Later, he moved to London, “which has foxes and Lily Allen.” 

LUCA KOALA  has said that he makes music to make his father, Porter Robinson, proud, but Robinson has denied being his father and pointed to Dylan Brady and Laura Les instead. In his spare time, LUCA makes surrealist designs under the name ATE TOO MANY MUSHROOMS.

LUCA KOALA’s newest track is hot off the presses, and it’s titled “take those off”, a sexy and playful blend of LUCA’s saccharine, futuristic chirps with some other international influences leading up to marvelous fulfillment of all of your electronic trailblazing and musical unorthodoxy needs

“I fell in love with the baile funk scene when I was in Brazil. On “take those off,” I tried to blend the rawness of that energy with my brand of blissful futuristic nostalgia. In short, it’s a lullaby banger.” 

The Visuals for “take those off” are even more playful than the track itself, taking great care to emphasize the chemistry between LUCA KOALA and his girlfriend with an intimate “Vlog” vibe to it that keeps the music video refreshingly intimate if not purposefully voyeuristic.

About the music video, LUCA had this to say: “My girl was in Cape Town during lockdowns. When I flew back from New York to see her, I kept my GoPro rolling to capture the day I returned. The energy of that day matched the song so perfectly, I had to turn it into a video. YouTube age-restricted it, so I’m losing MrBeast demographic and will probably max out at 5 views. But her ass was too juicy to cut, so holding firm.”  



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