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She has the swagger of Elvis and the rocker attitude to go along with it. Humble as can be, but clearly does not care what anyone thinks. LP has been making music circa 2007. “I thought I was going to be a doctor when I was younger. I didn’t come from a family that thought making music was a viable option,” the singer admits.

LP began her career writing for other artists such as Backstreet Boys, Rihanna, and our queen Cher. “The Backstreet Boys ‘Love Will Keep You Up All Night’ off of their Unbreakable album was the first track I ever got,” LP told LADYGUNN. “I was in the major label system under Island/Def Jam until 2009. That got me started me on my writing career. I hustled and wrote all the time. I got into a lot of sessions which included Rihanna and Cher.”

The singer’s influences run the gamut. “I love the classics. I turn back to Led Zeppelin, The Stones, and Aretha Franklin. I love Tame Impala, The Strokes, Post Malone as well,” the rock singer says. Variety is important to the singer, but she gives credit where credit is due. “I like good songs.”

Things came full circle as LP ventured out as a solo artist. “We started Forever For Now in 2011. I was actually surprised to be an artist again. It was almost like I was still a writer. I was writing for myself and others at that time, but songs kept coming back to me for the most part. The songs I write I could sing as good as anybody is going to sing them.” LP states.

The newest single, “The One That You Love” is about her relationship past and understanding where people stand. “It’s about every girlfriend I ever had. You never quite know where you stand and delve in and out of feelings. It’s about wondering where you are in the grand scheme of things,” she says. The video for the song shows LP riding around on a horse alone in the desert. The singer devotes her energy to her videos and imagery. “The video sets a mood and tone. It’s a postage stamp of the song,” she states.

She has racked up 2.4 views a day on her YouTube channel and receives over 4.3 million monthly listeners on Spotify. The numbers alone give her the push to keep going. “It’s very encouraging and satisfying as a songwriter. There are many pressures as an artist, but when people are really listening to songs, it’s progress. I’m always more inspired to keep writing by these numbers,” the singer says.

LP represents the LGBTQ community as best she can. “It’s always been very important. I don’t want that to be the focal point though of my path, though. I don’t have to do much more than make people feel comfortable in their own skin and give them hope that there are opportunities out there. It’s always encouraging to hear someone say that you really helped them find themselves or gives them courage to find themselves. So, yea it’s always important,” LP says.

The singer’s style is proud of her gender fluidity and she holds her fashion sense close. “I feel like your clothes and your outside appearance should feel like what you feel on the inside. It’s important. I always like to leave the house as if I’m never going be back to change. It’s everyone’s god-given right to feel like that on the outside. It’s your own body! It can go far as you want,” LP says.

There are upside and downsides to entering any business, but LP pushes herself every time when it comes to herself and her music. “It breaks my heart what happens in the business as far as things not being released or shelved. My biggest song to date is “Lost On You” but I was dropped by my record label at the time. Write songs forever. Don’t stop writing songs. Songs are stepping stones to other songs. If you write a big hit, gear up for another big one because that’s all everyone wants. If you want to get in the business, it’s a life’s work,” advises the singer.

LP’s career has been in full swing since 2007, but she has her audience to thank for such memorable times. She admits that is the one thing that keeps an artist’s career going is a loyal fanbase. “My fans are the best and I am so blown away by them all the time,” LP says. “There’s so much positive good stuff. Fans are number one. The fans are what make or break you.”



photos / Darren Craig

story / Robert Frezza

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