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Drugs Coverphotos / Rachel Kaplan
creative direction / Louise Chantal
image consultation / David Mansion
makeup / Theo Turner
hair / Christine Ruzzile 

Louise Chantal is a name you’ll soon be hearing much more of. The 20 year old London-bred, New York City-based singer and songwriter is a siren among the electro-R&B set and, ironically, she looks like a mermaid, too, with her buoyant mane of aqua hair and penchant for sartorial iridescence and glimmer. Luckily, her music is just as sparkling as her appearance.
Premiering exclusively on LADYGUNN today, “Drugs” is a mid-tempo, atmospheric electronic soul jam which features glitching trap-lite beats and hazy synths, the artist’ mesmerizing, saccharine voice floating above the soundbed like a zephyr.
“I wrote drugs about the inner battle of vices versus virtues, and what it’s like when you make the decision to let a vice go and have to let someone you care about go in same the process in order to free yourself completely,” Louise tells us of the swirling track.
Her new EP, Welcome to Aranbi, is due out in 2016, so keep tabs on this one… that is, if she hasn’t already lured you in. Listen below:

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