Lostboycrow’s Music is No “Waste of Time”

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I discovered Lostboycrow’s music sometime last year, and I’m still confused as to why he isn’t a household name yet, ‘cause his tracks are all super jams. With his debut full-length album “Santa Fe” set to release in early 2019, we’re hoping he’ll somehow keep his air of mystery, yet also get into the ears of literally everyone in the world everywhere.
Chris Blair, or better known as Lostboycrow, has built a reputation with his rapturous crooner voice and airtight songwriting. His cumulative streams for his past releases are over 150 million, highlighted by the success of “Powers,” “Stay A Little Longer,” “The Lost Boy” [feat. Skizzy Mars], and more. Meanwhile, you may have been lucky enough to catch the mysterious LBC with acts like VÉRITÉ, the incomparable K. Flay, and vibey band Flor on tour.  

Today, he releases the second single from the album — ”Waste of Time,” ft. Bea Miller. The track has an “old timey” jazz feel with it’s piano samples over top a chill dusty hip hop beat that’ll make your heart swoon. Back with his future-crooner vibey voice, Lostboycrow is joined this time by one of our other favorite artists, Bea Miller. Also, throw in a meaty guitar solo and this one keeps up LBC’s reputation for basically being “genreless,” — and let’s just say, tuning into this one is anything BUT a waste of time.

Where did the inspiration come from for “Waste of Time”?
This song was birthed out of a strangeness only the land of enchantment could provide. It began in a tucked away house amidst the high desert hills of Santa Fe New Mexico early January 2018. I had been sweating out a very intense flu for several days when I heard my friend Dylan working on a disgustingly perfect track from the other room. The kind of track that apparently summons the dead to rise because I did exactly that. Not completely out of my fever-dream state the lyrics and melodies were all written on immediate instinct and Waste Of Time became the first song off of what would be the album Santa Fe.
Tell us a funny/weird story about when you wrote this song.
The flu was gifted to me one day before I was to drive myself, friend/producer Brandon, and a ton of gear to Santa Fe where we would meet several other close friends and collaborators in hopes of carving out the next album. After fever dreaming in flagstaff Arizona for two nights (almost exactly half way between LA and Santa Fe) the group had decided to brave it out and carry on with the trip as planned. By the time we caught up with the others and actually started making music, it was clear I had gifted the flu to our dear Brandon in a very serious way. To keep a long and colorful story short, the rest of the retreat was a blur of face masks, hundreds of dollars worth of air purifiers, and somehow the unwavering love and friendship of everyone there. No one else got sick and the album “Santa Fe” was born.
Why did you decide to collab with Bea Miller on this track?
From the moment I wrote the chorus, I had it in my mind that there should be a gang of voices, and not just my own. I loved the melody but it screamed out for another texture soaring over the top to make it lift. Dylan and I had just worked on a song without Bea for her album and I knew right away her voice was the perfect amount of angelic grit and character that it needed. She ended up singing on most of the song and we couldn’t have been happier with it.

Do you think this track sounds sonically different from your previous stuff?
I’m not sure how people will perceive the differences in this next chapter, but I do believe this is unlike anything I’ve released. Also, [it’s] unlike anything on the rest of the album (sonically). However, lyrically it is really the anthem of Santa Fe and something I think people that are already listening to Lostboycrow will be able to latch onto.
What are your plans for 2019?
Releasing at least one album, playing a lot more guitar, and taking this show back on the road.



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