Live Review: The Drums @ Webster Hall

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story + photos / Cristina Leiva

Last Monday, June 10th, I attended to a show from The Drums at Webster Hall in New York City. I was really excited to go to this show because I have been a fan of the band for some years and this was going to be my first concert from The Drums.

It was a foggy, rainy night in New York City and, for me, there couldn’t be any better weather to suit a Drums show (by the way, I love foggy days). Around 10 pm lead singer Jonny Pierce and his band mates went on stage giving everyone a lesson of style from the beginning to the end.

The show went excellent and I wasn’t expecting less from the Brooklyn-based band. They were able to impregnate the whole ballroom with their signature cool downtown boy vibes and definitely hypnotized the audience into that special atmosphere they can create. They played a mix of songs from their two brilliant albums The Drums (2010) and Portamento (2011) and some hits from their EP Summertime! (2009).

Jonny and his band showed a great coordination and seemed to be really enjoying their show. I was so excited to finally see Jonny dancing in person. I just wanted to see him dancing like he does in the ‘Best Friend’ video in real life and well, my dream came true. The highlight of the show happened when they played Money, For Ever And Ever Amen, Best Friend or Let’s Go Surfing.
The Drums were also able to soften the crowd (specially the female crowd) due to their always romantic and dreamer lyrics but, when things couldn’t get any cuter, the time of playing ‘I feel stupid’ came and Jonny said: ‘This song describes pretty good the way I feel right now, I feel stupid when people pay attention to me for more than 5 seconds’. Then the crowd melted.

When they played Let’s Go Surfing they left the stage without even saying goodbye, I was still missing their song Down By The Water and thank goodness they were just doing the ‘We are done but we are not’ thing and came back on stage to give us two more songs: Down By The Water and The Future.

I left this show walking under the rain, feeling really happy and rewarded and thinking about how much I love what these guys do. I am really looking forward for their next show!
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