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Photo by: Will Bollini

Peter McPoland is the future of music.

Becoming a follower of Peter’s musical journey has been an eye-opening experience for me. It made me realize that, despite being an avid music enthusiast, I have yet to explore the musical side of TikTok—despite spending a considerable amount of time on the app. My For You page is devoid of videos where individuals promote their music, share the stories behind their lyrics, or attempt to initiate trends using snippets of songs. This is not to diminish the value of such content; I acknowledge that TikTok has provided us with an incredible platform to discover new music and talented individuals. It serves as an excellent avenue for musicians to connect with a broader audience more swiftly. However, it simply doesn’t align with my personal interaction with music.

Photo by: Will Bollini

The 22-year-old artist has been remarkably transparent about his musical and production journey. If it weren’t for his unmistakable voice, one might mistakenly attribute his earlier works to a different creator. “Piggy,” both the album and the titular song, emerges as a pivotal moment both musically and emotionally—a composition that is both overwhelming and conflicting. This is achieved through purposeful dissonance in instruments and sounds, capturing the essence of what it means to exist in the digital age.

Photo by: Will Bollini

I may sound a bit like a traditionalist, I’m aware, but immersing oneself in these songs feels liberating, akin to the cathartic release one experiences when screaming in the solitude of a car where no one can hear. The music not only resonates with an emotional depth but also elicits a desire to disconnect from the digital realm, evoking the impulse to toss one’s phone into a lake and embrace a period of solitude off the grid.

Photo by: Will Bollini

Peter McPoland’s ability to entertain an audience goes beyond his powerful vocals, it is his stage presence and mannerisms that make this night so memorable for me. As a photographer, Peter McPoland and his show in San Francisco, on his Slow Down Tour was the first show that I ever worked at. Watching him grow from performing at the iconic and intimate Rickshaw Stop to playing sold out Los Angeles headline shows, brings me an immense amount of joy. As Peter continues to grow, and takes over the music industry, we will be watching and the first to say, “we told you so.”

We had the chance to meet up with Peter before his show and snap a few pictures as we shared feelings of excitement for the magic that was about to be created on stage.

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Words + Photos // Will Bollini

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