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Words + Photos // Quintin Arretche 

Words // Will Bollini

Welcome to the vibrant heart of West Hollywood Pride 2024 at The OUTLOUD Festival. Here, the atmosphere crackles with an electrifying energy while thousands of heartbeats pulsate in unison, each echoing a unified rhythm of pride and passion. Amidst this celebration, the LGBTQIA+ community thrives during the inaugural weekend of Pride Month. Surrounded by fellow queer identities, I felt and understood the freedom to be myself, to connect, and to celebrate within the backdrop of incredible music. At OUTLOUD, pride isn’t just a concept; it’s a living, breathing experience of love, acceptance and pure exhilaration.

Let’s get into the festival!!

Friday night at OUTLOUD blazed with an incredible performance by Adam Lambert, setting the stage for the fiery presence of Kesha.

Friday wasn’t just about Kesha’s music; it displayed her triumph over adversity. It was her first performance since breaking free from the legal battle with Dr. Luke and leaving RCA Records. Kesha confidently took the stage with a newfound liberation, dressed in a bedazzled leather jacket proudly displaying the word “Freedom.”

During this moment, she debuted her new anthem titled, “Freedom,” radiating an aura of empowerment and resilience. Addressing the crowd with her confidence she shouted, “Anybody else feeling free as f*** tonight?!” Throughout her set, the singer delivered crowd favorites, including “Cannibal,” “Blow,” “Timber,” and the iconic “Tik Tok,” creating an insane level of energy amongst the crowd. But it was her closing performance of “We R Who We R” that truly encapsulated the spirit of the evening. Joined onstage by iconic drag stars, swirling pride flags in hand, Kesha’s anthem for the queer community was a beautiful tune about individuality and self-expression.


Saturday night at OUTLOUD was an abundance of sensational performances featuring artists like Channel Tres, Keke Palmer, Doechii and the incomparable Janelle Monáe. Check out some pictures capturing some of the artists from Saturday’s performances!

Channel Tres

Keke Palmer


Saturday night’s headliner, Janelle Monáe, blessed us with her ethereal presence. In a sleek black jumpsuit embellished with a vibrant array of florets in different colors, shapes and sizes, Monáe was a stunning vision of color and beauty. Her set included renditions of her hit songs like “Float” and “Lipstick Lover.” The energy reached its peak when Doechii joined Monae on stage to perform their powerful collaboration “Phenomenal.”

Janelle Monáe even invited icons like Queen Latifah and Gabrielle Union to join her onstage. She ended her performance with “Make Me Feel,” her artist-defining and crowd-favorite anthem. What distinguished her performance was the impactful speech she delivered at its conclusion. Her words resonated the essence of pride and the significance of celebration. With fervor, she emphasized the importance of standing in solidarity with marginalized communities at home and abroad. From advocating for justice and equality within the LGBTQ+ community to extending support globally to areas like Gaza, and Sudan, her message encompassed a large spectrum of issues worldwide.

Monáe didn’t hesitate to address domestic issues, touching upon topics like reproductive rights, LGBTQ+ representation in education, and the preservation of Black history. Her resonating message aligned beautifully with the festival’s overarching theme of unity and activism.


Sunday night at OUTLOUD showcased a diverse lineup of immensely talented artists. The electrifying festivities of Ashnikko’s dynamic performance, followed by Trixie Mattel’s pulsating DJ set, set the stage for an explosive set unleashed by Diplo.

Diplo’s set was wild, complete with surprise guest Bebe Rexha and a mesmerizing display of talented dancers. His infectious beats and chart-topping hits set the tone for one massive party, preparing the crowd for the return of the legendary Kylie Minogue to the West Hollywood scene.

As the finishing headliner, Kylie Minogue delivered a performance that was nothing short of amazing. From the enchanting groove of “Tension” to the timeless allure of “Love at First Sight,” Minogue had the crowd dancing and singing along to every beat.The Australian superstar even brought Diplo back to the stage along with surprise guest, Orville Peck, for the live debut of their country, pop-disco collaboration, “Midnight Ride,” a song that is now available for pre-order.

Amidst the excitement, West Hollywood Mayor, John Erickson, joined Minogue on stage to declare June 2nd as Kylie Minogue Day, honoring her impactful contributions to music and the LGBTQ+ community. As a token of appreciation, he presented Minogue with a street sign bearing her name, symbolizing the city’s admiration and gratitude for the pop icon.

In saying goodbye to a remarkable and unforgettable OUTLOUD Festival, it is important to remember that the spirit and celebration of pride never dies. Reflecting on the incredible performances and the beautiful camaraderie shared amongst queer individuals and allies in the crowds, I cannot wait for the return of OUTLOUD next year. May each beat of our hearts carry a booming message of love and acceptance.  Here’s to another year of embracing our authentic selves and standing strong in solidarity with the LGBTQIA+ community.

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