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Macklemore at Hollywood Palladium: Grooves, Gratitude and a Global Message of Love

Photo by: Will Bollini

Last Wednesday, LADYGUNN had the pleasure of watching the incredible performer Macklemore take the stage at the Hollywood Palladium. His concert proved to be an exceptional experience, leaving the audience in awe of his magnetic stage presence and heartfelt performance. During his set, he took the fans on a journey through his musical evolution, blending old nostalgic hits with fresh, new tracks. Macklemore treated the audience to classics like “Good Old Days,” “Can’t Hold Us” and “Downtown.” These songs brought moments of pure joy for longtime fans who reveled in the familiarity of these songs. However Macklemore didn’t stop there. From his latest album, “BEN,” he captivated the crowd with tracks like “Chant,” and “No Bad Days.”

Photo by: Will Bollini

What truly set this performance apart from other artists was the unparalleled energy both on and off the stage. Macklmore’s enthusiasm was contagious, as his fans absorbed every ounce of his energy. It wasn’t just a concert; it was an experience. A standout moment occurred when he performed “And We Danced” where he invited audience members onto the stage for an impromptu dance-off. This interactive segment turned the event into what felt like a party rather than a conventional concert. He even took things to the next level by bringing out water guns to soak the audience, and even tossed Capri Suns in the midst of the set. The crowd’s reaction? Pure joy. Macklemore’s engagement made his fans an integral part of the performance, heightening the energy in the Palladium.

Photo by: Will Bollini

But let’s not forget about Macklemore’s quirky, fun sense of style. Throughout the show, he had about five costume changes that left a lasting impression. From a teal and purple bomber jacket to a vibrant blue cape, his outfits displayed a mix of creativity. The highlight of the night came during his iconic hit “Thrift Shop” where he sported a massive cheetah-print jacket, paying homage to the infamous leopard-print coat featured in the “Thrift Shop” music video. Macklemore’s fashion choices embody his individuality and flair, setting him apart in the music industry.

Photo by: Will Bollini

Beyond the music and style, Macklemore took a moment during the show to deliver a heartfelt message. He shared his belief that the world needs more love and expressed his immense gratitude for the love he receives from his fans. His intent was to convey that his concerts should be inclusive spaces where individuals of different backgrounds and identities can freely express themselves without the weight of judgment. It was a touching reminder about the power of live music in elevating spirits and uniting people.




Words // Quintin Arretche
Photos // Will Bollini
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