Live Review: Lissy Trullie

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story +photos / Cristina Leiva

I’m a person who never forgets a band that steals her heart. Lissy did it to mine about three years ago with her songs “Boy Boy”, “She Said” and “Self Taught Learner”, all of them tracks from her first EP Self Taught Learner. Since those tunes made a big impression on my heartstrings there has been no way for me to forget about her.
Friday I was pleased with the opportunity to attend to a Lissy Trullie show at Glasslands gallery in Brooklyn. The show was short and sweet and a highly recommended one for those who were looking for a Friday night indie experience in New York.
My first impression at the show was the fluency in which Lissy and her band prepared the intricate set of instruments on stage and the smooth communication between them.
They played eleven songs, most of them from her recently released first self-titled album, Lissy Trullie a few from the EP that made her popular, Self Taught Learner and, of course, the brilliant “Ready For The Floor” cover from Hot Chip. Surprisingly they started the show with the song “Glass Mountains”, one of my favorites tracks from her new album, and closed with “Madeleine”,  a lovely song that reminds me of those dizzy New York City nights out in the town. Lissy also shared that the song is after her sister, Madeleine, who just got engaged to her fiancé who were both in attendance.
Lissy Trullie is a zero waste compendium of eleven extremely deep, intensively crafted and enjoyable songs. Since her early days on the scene in 2008 she has been busy preparing these unique audible pieces. I can definitely find in them what Lissy has been doing during last three years and I like it.
The only reason possible for not  listening to Lissy Trullie’s self-titled album is that maybe you don’t feel attracted to interesting, full of detail, charming songs and I hope that’s not true!
Lissy definitely is a one of a kind. Her extra security on stage, her looseness with guitar (which seems part of her body) and her signature style makes her one of those performers that you will likely fall in love with sooner or later.
Lissy Trullie is featured in the Ladygunn’s 5# Issue. Check it out!

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