Live Review: HAERTS @ LE BAIN

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photos / Kyle story / Meghan L. O’Connor

On May 1st, swanky penthouse discoteque/rooftop bar Le Bain became an intimate gathering place for those guests private enough to hear word of the set to be played. Amongst awe-inspiring views and a disco ball radiating magenta hues across the room, NY five-piece music crew Haerts tuned their chords to the quiet clinking of glass and hushed whispers of a respectful and statically-charged room.
Haerts, a group consisting of Nini Fabi, Ben Gebert, Garrett Ienner, Derek McWilliams and Jonathan Schmidt, has just started making waves in the scene, but the careful weaving of elements that make their performances so cohesive sure seems like the work of pros. The band mixes folk with synth with an ease that most artists at this moment in music time would kill to acquire.
If you haven’t heard the ensemble, watch their new video “Wings.” Now. I’m saving your social life, trust me. Both in the video, and on stage Wednesday, Fabi melts on every note like sweet honey, if the honey was doused in a touch of Fleetwood Mac as well.
Aside from the stellar sound, the video matches their ease of music meshing with an ease in the awesome aesthetic that’s been keeping the video on steady reblog. They also meld this pro-like aesthetic with a quirky homemade feel, and this combination is exactly why we love them. Our intimate set with Le Bain was a perfect illustration of this love. The pinpoint accuracy of their musical and aesthetic craft merged with a timidly affectionate closeness to make us feel lucky for the intricate artistic vision laid before us, and lucky again for the soft whispers of sweet nothings in our ears.
Haerts, you have our heart. You can keep it.


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