LIVE: REVIEW: GoogaMooga 2013

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story + pics /  Adeline Tan

What is better than having the mishmash of food, wine, beer and music all wrapped up into three days (well, technically only 2 days since Sunday was cancelled due to dreadful weather)? The answer is nothing really.
Being a foodie and getting to experience an entire day of just stall after stall of delectable cuisine and street grub from various neighborhoods in New York City is just heavenly. Held at Prospect Park, Brooklyn (17th & 18th May) this past weekend. Nethermead Meadow was filled with folks hustling in for the beer and wine tasting available in tents featuring more selections than you could ever imagine or even muster the ability to actually try every single one, light-weight or not! You could taste or get a whole glass of beer/wine at each stand and festival goers were definitely not holding back on the libations.
The weather was beautiful and gloriously sunny on Friday, though gloomy on Saturday, the festivities carried on. Individuals who decided to attend on Sunday were disheartened, due to the weather not cooperating, the event cancelled on short notice.
Friday (the Kickoff Party) featured notable performances from The Darkness, The Flaming Lips and ending with a bang with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, which was formed in New York City back in 2000. Performing mostly songs off their latest album, ‘Mosquito’ and some favorites from previous albums like “Heads Will Roll” and “Maps”.
Not only did festival goers get to have a scrumptious meal and delicacies ranging from pork, seafood, chicken and even delectable desserts. They got to do this while rocking out to some incredible bands. I was holding on to my pork sandwich and pork ribs with a glass of red wine while all the acts went down. Henri the metal Hamageddon pig reappeared, this time with a complete line of Bacon Land vendors serving up everything from bacon flights to The Meat Hook’s bacon sandwiches. Henri was a giant metal pig in the middle of the field with ‘Hamageddon’ plastered to the top of its back, and if our world should end, it should out rightly be death by ‘pork goodness overload’.
Saturday was not as pleasing due to the muddy fields and drizzle from the rain, but that didn’t bring down spirits as people were rampaging the beer tents looking for shelter and later enjoying entertaining spirited tunes by Matt and Kim, the indie pop duo/couple who were the highlight musical act of the day, also from good old Brooklyn, NY. Fun fact: Matt and Kim even mentioned that they had one of their first dates in Prospect Park.

Vendors that got a lot of attention were Pork Slope, owned by Dale Talde (Top Chef season 4 contestant) for his renowned pork sandwiches. Lines were unending at Blue Ribbon for their fried chicken glazed with honey. A few out-of-town restaurants with New York City plans showed up to please the crowds including LA’s Umami burger which is opening a shop in Greenwich Village soon and Boston’s Toro. Toro’s chef Jamie Bissonnette was there to supervise the mounding servings of perfectly cooked rabbit and snail paella.
Behind the main stage was a somewhat hidden line of vendors and a peaceful canopied area with tables. Rockaway Beach’s Rippers brought the joy with funnels and torta-style hamburgers, while Northern Spy Food Co. created one of the greatest egg sandwiches known to mankind.
Overall, the amount of vendors may be overwhelming and weather unfortunately rainy on Saturday and Sunday but the festival did bring foodies and music lovers together in Brooklyn and that’s why The Great GoogaMooga is more than just a festival. It’s a society brought together by a shared obsession and passion. Bringing you that Brooklyn “indie” spirit.

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