Live Review: Delilah at Lit Lounge

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New York rockers, Delilah, played an amazing set at Lit Lounge on Thursday night. Formed merely a year ago, the band played with such technical prowess that a newbie listener might think they’d been playing together since they were kids. Jamie Burke, the lead Singer and former Calvin Klein model, fronted the trio with a driving intensity in his voice, while bass player, Mickki James and drummer, Drew Thomas, matched Burke’s calls with their seamless transitions into softened, dreamy digressions and back again to nearly math rock tempos.
“I love this band!” exclaimed a bright-eyed woman during the third song, “The Fool,” which the entire audience knew by heart. Angst-ridden lyrics are a challenge to pull off. It is easy to fall into the clichéd identity of a teenager declaring that his “wrists are stapled together,” while wearing all black and hiding from the world in her bedroom.  Delilah, however, transcended this pitfall. With lyrics dealing with soul seeking, lost loves, and foolish acts, they brought their listeners to places many had been already, yet they performed with such sincerity. It felt as though they were confessing something, or revealing a buried secret. A must see, Delilah will be playing at the Bowery Electric on July  7th. (Kelly Robbins)
Stay tuned for a full feature on Delilah in the fall issue of Ladygunn Magazine and for more pictures click here.

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