Live Review: CAVEMAN @ webster Hall

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Call me biased, but I love a band that has roots in NYC. Caveman, a five-man pack of musicians that hail from our city of lights, understands the pride that comes with these origins. Being the class act that they are (despite their moniker’s allusion to the contrary), they pull through for us weirdos of the LES, us beardos of Williamsburg Park, us freaks who wait, and never find, that on-time G train to Bedstuy. They make beats that guide us slowly through a story, in a way that many have said to feel cinematic. Their show at Webster on April 10th felt exactly like this.

The group took us on a slow-building journey through what felt like Zen discoveries. The journey was aided by projected abstractions of light and color which were displayed behind them as they weaved through tracks from debut album Coco Beware, and ushered in new tracks from their recently dropped self-titled album Caveman. In the effort to pull through for us New Yorkers through more than just a seductively calm musical pulse, Caveman honored that this pulse is dedicated to us. Throughout the night, Frontman Matthew Iwanusa shouted out to the crowd sentiments of gratitude. His sentiments involved the overwhelming sense of achievement felt by standing on the stage they looked up at for years, and their love for this city we share.

These sentiments, in addition to the comfort of their mellow musical embrace, brought the audience to a lulled chill by the last quiet note. A soft echo lingered after, keeping the vibe strong all the way home. For the first time in all my years at Webster shows, I felt incredibly intimate with the room. Caveman stripped New York of its excess that night, just as it does in its tracks when I sit listening alone. The bare bones of the city are what they want us to embrace; us fans of Caveman, we say yes.

Yes Caveman, thank you for reminding us. From now on, we’ll embrace them.

Check out a perfect example of the Caveman vibe here, in their new single “In The City.”


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