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Fresh off a grueling, sold out world tour with the globally acclaimed artist Dido comes London-based pop-songstress Sonia Stein with her new EP See Me Now. The five-track album showcases Sonia’s songwriting and extensive vocal range that fans have come to love. Many of her experiences in travel and relationships are reflected in song through her poignant and poetic lyrics.  “I really related to the kaleidoscope of cultures that I gleaned from such cultural hubs like London, New York, Berlin and Poland,” she says.

Sonia is here with the music video for her newest single, Passerby– produced by longtime collaborator Liam Howe (Adele, FKA Twigs, Jessie Ware). When asked about the song Sonia states, “Passerby is about the dichotomy between wanting to be seen and wanting to hide as an artist. The constant clash between introvert and extrovert and the way that it holds me back. It’s about wanting to be appreciated without having to ask for attention (love me as a passerby).And oh can one appreciate this video. The title words “see me now” repeating in <Passerbyties everything together like a neat bow. Sonia’s sound is how I envision an Ellie Goulding cover of the iconic My Booby Alicia Keys to sound – sitting somewhere between the indie-rock sounds of LP, electropop R&B similar to that of Halsey, and a look reminiscent of Amy Winehouse. Well-balanced and unique.

Following all the accolades, Sonia will be taking her music and androgenous Twin Peaks-meets-hippie witch style to the likes of the elite in fashion as she sits front row at some of the best New York and London Fashion Week shows. The artist is here to share some of her favorite fashion staples in anticipation of these events.

Vintage White Lace Top

I found this top at a vintage shop that sold mostly furniture; I bought it and it quickly became a staple for my stage outfits. I love a super feminine blouse with a prince style ruffle, and I like to pair it with a more masculine jacket/trousers and this one is perfect.

Vintage Escada Blazer

This has been my most used go-to for performances since I found it at a vintage shop three years ago. If you scroll through my insta you’ll be able to see I wear this all the time. It has these amazing embellishments on the collar and back that kind of make it feel like a matador jacket and it’s the perfect amount of oversized. When wearing something oversized (because I’m so petite) I always walk a fine line between looking cool and like I borrowed something that doesn’t really fit me from an older sibling. Because of the super structured shoulder pads on this, it always looks great and makes me feel powerful!

Florence Bridge Furry Jacket

This is a jacket I borrowed from UK based designer Florence Bridge. She is committed to using no plastic fibers and sourcing everything ethically and locally to keep her carbon footprint low which I love. This jacket completes every look and will also keep me warm while still looking good.

Vintage Leather Jacket with Hand Drawn Design

It took me years to find a second hand leather jacket that has that super cropped feel and this one came to me at a vintage shop in Bath [Somerset, England]. I bought it immediately and later as a birthday present, my boyfriend who is an artist, drew the design of the Thousand Hand bodhisattva on the back. She is a Chinese deity known as “the one who perceived the sounds of the world.”

Vintage Men’s Robe

Speaking of my boyfriend, this robe is something I borrowed from him. He is a pretty flamboyant dresser and has a large collection of amazing patterned things. It’s huge on me which means I can wear it as a jacket over full outfits and it looks amazing. I love wearing it over a really simple, chic look to give it a bit of color and character.

Furry Hat

This is the last thing I picked up before heading off to New York. I’m always on the hunt for hats that have a bit of a sense of humor and take my more serious outfits and make them a little more fun and interesting. This one is perfect because it’s black so remains kind of subtle, it’s really warm, and has the bucket hat shape that feels a bit more like street wear. I’ll probably try to wear this with everything and will have to stop myself.



photos / courtesy of Sonia Stein

story / Bridgette Hoshont’omba

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