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“When dearest @alexandermays asked me to put together a #BHM playlist for @ladygunn , I first thought of putting together a shortlist of recent cuts from new artists. However, two things became clear to me quickly: While the list would include only black artists, there would be little “history” in it. Plus, no BHM playlist of mine could not include Miss Nina Simone. From that moment on, ideas, voices, sounds and memories flooded my brain, and putting together this 7.5-hour, 80-track playlist was easy. The selection was still intentional, though. These are all tracks that move me… either while sitting on the couch, or while sweating on the dance floor. There are some of my all-time favorites here, songs that I still get goosebumps when I hear them… songs that I’ve been playing in the clubs over the years, some recent tracks, and some that I have discovered. The playlist builds up as you get more into it…. Starting with jazz and ambient, moving into some R&B and hip-hop, funk, disco, house and pulsating techno. To conclude, some slow jams and jazz again to decompress. There are many classics in here, and artists that do not need further introduction.”



Rumi is the Vienna-based DJ, and co-organizer of the new queer event series . He is also active member of the newly established @queermuseumvienna_ 






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