Lil Debbie

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photographer/ MICHAEL DONOVAN
interview / KOKO NTUEN

If you don’t know Lil Debbie, then you probably know someone who knows her, has worked with her or at least has had a crush on her. This Bay Area heartthrob has been seen everywhere, from being Kreayshawn’s homegirl in the “Gucci Gucci” video that was basically had all of 2012 by storm, hooking on tracks with V-Nasty, Dolla Bill Gates, Riff Raff, ATL Twins and a slew of other hipster-rapper-seapunk-indie muscians. Of course, you should check out the videos she shines and stars in for herself. I mean, please Google “Ratchet” and be mesmorized by girls in Budweiser one-pieces twerking to Lil Debbie rapping, “I got bitches, you got bitches tell them Bitches come over/ If they Rachet let’s get Ratchet pick ‘em up in the Rover/ I got Bitches in my living room ‘til 6 in the morn and when they finish up this weed, man I’m sending them home.
“I got Ratchets and some bitches, coke lines no soft drinks, ben franks that green dank, wet pussy pink pank/ bitches in my crib I got these Ratchets in my mousetrap, I pull up in that Rover, that dark tint all black….”
More ratchet words have never been spoken before. There are other Lil Debbie videos that you need to watch like, “Michelle Obama” with Riff Raff and ATL Twins, “2 Cups” with DOLLABILLGATES and “SQUiRT”.
In any case, you will become a fan or at least be hypnotized by this beauty. Here are our really cute penpal letters.

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