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When  LÉON‘s track “Tired Of Talking” first single hit the web last summer it took over the season with its whimsical sound and head nodding beat.  Since then the Swedish songstress has just signed a major record deal with Columbia Records, been helmed by Katy Perry as one to watch and released her debut EP TREASURE on Spotify.  “Tired of Talking” shot to the top 10 of the global viral chart and the EP has been streamed over 6 million times within a month of it’s release. Well I guess Katy was right.


LÉON will perform a few tracks from her EP in an acoustic set at Baby’s All Right venue in Brooklyn, on 12/9/15.  She plans to start touring in the Spring of 2016. We got to know a little bit more about this mysterious songbird.


How did you feel when you put out your debut song,”Tired Of Talking”?

Me and my producer Agrin Rahmani, who I wrote it with, just wanted to get something out. I was so excited to let our friends hearwhat we’d been working on, but we didn’t expect any of this to happen. We said something like ”If we get 2000 plays, that would be amazing”. The song superseded our expectations!!
What were you listening to when you were a kid?
A lot of different things. My dad introduced me to Stevie Wonder, and I loved it instantly. My parents gave me these CDs with hits from the 50s and 60s, so I listened to those a lot. And of course I listened to Destiny’s Child,  Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, and all of that American pop music.

What is  the history of your hip-hop soul band?  

I’ve always been writing songs, and always been inspired by old Motown, soul and jazz.
How many other bands have you had?
Before my own, I was in an other band for a while that played reggae/ska/soul/whatever. We played at parties, and in some strange places. It was mostly just about playing music and having fun. And maybe for the guys, to get girls… haha.
Did you always want to be a musician?
Yes. I come from a family of musicians, and I never really thought about being anything else really.. Maybe that’s bad!! But it all comes natural to me, and I love it. I’m grateful to call it work.
Who do you listen to or look up to now in the music world?
I will always love Amy Winehouse…She had a big impact on me. Lana Del Rey and Adele are amazing as well.
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Necklace, Wos. Robe, Stylists own. Sweater, Second Female.

What is the biggest difference between everyday you and musician you?  
I’m more sad when I write music. It’s probably because I go back to things I’ve been through, so all of those memories come back when I make music or sing. But I don’t go around all day being a downer. That would be strange… haha Who is “Nobody Cares” about?  “Nobody Cares” is about someone I was on-and-off with for a crazy long time. I’m not even sure what to call it because we were never officially together, so it never had a proper ending… Just really bad.
How did you get “discovered”?
Through Sound Cloud, after we released “Tired of Talking”.  After a few days, people started contacting us left and right. It was pretty insane. No one could find our email, so they wrote us Facebook, my instagram, or became friends with Agrin on Facebook.
Where is the best place you ever heard your music?
It might have been when I went to LA this summer. It was my first time in the states, and when we drove from the airport we played our music so loud in the car. It may be a bit cliché, but it was great.
Who would you like to work with?
That’s hard, there are so many. It would be big to sing and write with Sam Smith or Frank Ocean.  Oh, and Lorde.
What are you most excited with on your new music adventure?
To finish songs I’ve written with Agrin, and write more. It’s just great to create with him, since he is one of my closest friends and we are extremely honest with each other.  And playing live again is something I really look forward to. I  haven’t played in almost two years now, so I’m really excited about getting back out there.
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Shirt and Pants, 5 Preview.

LADYGUNN Leon-137_HiRes_sRGB_8bit LADYGUNN Leon-204_HiRes_sRGB_8bit


Jacket, 5 Preview.
Connect with LÉON
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – @itsleonleon


photographer / Hans Andersson

stylist +story / Koko Ntuen

hair+ makeup / Elin Laine

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