Lana Del Rey "Born To Die"

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The widely anticipated music video for Lana Del Ray’s “Born To Die” is finally here and surpassing all expectations of greatness I had for it. Lana Del Ray is a star to say the least and this video is a pure hipster noir. It’s beautifully narrated through her pouty mouth and perfectly coiffed hair. Lana looks stunning in every scene and paired with hot tattooed face Bradley Soileau up goes the ante and it’s almost too orgasmic to watch. The scenes of youth, opulence and dark twisted turns are captivating, especially at the end when we watch Bradley hold a blood drenched Lana in his arms and the viewer is left wondering such things like, did they crash? Were they both so hot that they imploded? How can Lana’s face still look so good drenched in blood? Tigers and flower crowns and burning cars, oh my! She brings the glamour.

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