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West coast, hair breezing, alt-pop storyteller BAUM‘s new music video for her song “Hot Water” is a straight-to-the-heart electrifying fairytale to accompany the inextinguishable song. The video is a peak climbing coming of age story between two young women who wave in and out of sexuality and the constructs of a relationship.  For BAUM, it was important for the video to portray a non-heteronormative relationship to further the voices of LGBTQ community in the media.

“It was important for me to have a love story between two women. Pop culture and the media are very heteronormative, which will hopefully change in the next few years… The media has definitely become more inclusive recently, but still, has a very long way to go.” BAUM says of the cinematic vision.

Through her music and lyrics, and angsty howls she encapsulates her experiences as a young, queer woman in the most honest way possible.
“For me, I wanted the video to be a romanticized but somewhat realistic depiction of how it feels to be scared and inexperienced, but also craving intimacy. The inspiration came a lot from how I felt in high school and things I did when I was around 16 or 17.

 photos /Dylan Mondeschein
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