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March 30th – April 5th

Happy Monday, everyone. Wherever you are, whether that’s in rainy California or sunlit New York, it’s safe to say your norms have been turned upside down. Pajamas are admissible at any time and afternoon tea has been bumped up to noon so we can treat ourselves to biscuits. If that’s you, we applaud you on keeping up some semblance of a routine.

Since anything goes, it’s a beautiful time for the creative community. It’s a splendid time for folks to gaze into the vast unknown (of their computer screens) and imagine what newness they can contribute to this new world order, to the ever-shifting cultural landscape. No pressure, of course. But as we sit with ourselves, day by day, we can’t help but dig a little. Uncover a lot. Feel the things we’ve been avoiding, and embrace vulnerability as it no longer exists behind the curtains. The far-flung future has been put on hold and humans everywhere are exposing their present truth.

Right? Well, these seven artists below most certainly are. And they were kind enough to share it with us at Ladygunn. The Lockdown series continues every day at 2pm: tune in to discover someone else’s truth for a little while.


“There’s so much uncertainty…but what we do know, is that if you choose positivity you have a much better fighting chance.” -Qveen Herby, Ladygunn Lockdown

Amy Renee Noonan – better known as Qveen Herby – is the vibrant artist filling up our houses with bold, R&B flavors and beats. Inspired by the early 2000’s and hip hop, the qveendom of Herby delivers positivity, courage, and abundance. She suggested to us last Monday that it gets easier, too, if you fill up your quarantine with some kind of purpose (for her, it’s taking masterclasses online). The curious, creative soul also released a live series on a tiny piano this year, taking a child’s toy and replacing the inside with the real Yamaha works.

Titling her EPs like fashion seasons, the Qveen shared with Ladygunn that she’s now on Season Eight of Qveen Herby. Numerology plays a part for her, as she morphs into different aspects of her personality for each release, and the number 8 happens to be the vibration of abundance. Her first single off the EP, ‘Check,’ is an upbeat, encouraging anthem representing that theme of prosperity.

Stream ‘Check’ – and every single one of Qveen Herby’s songs – below.



Interactive, rising teen sensation Isaac Dunbar was a fresh, breath of air last Tuesday on the Lockdown. Engaging with his fans throughout the live stream, Isaac shared songs with us that you can dance, dream, or weep to. Sitting on the floor with his guitar on hand he strummed along casually while interacting with the comments of his delighted fans.  His voice is soulful, honest and familiar and his songwriting is the perfect vehicle.

Have you ever had an ice cream flavor you couldn’t pin point – but it had all of the right things? Isaac played his recent single, ‘comme des garcons’, French for “like the boys,” and this song is just that: a swirl of modern boy pop, 80s synth drama, and French chill wave. Grab a croissant and enjoy Isaac’s full repertoire below – we’ll meet you there.



Vulnerability doesn’t stand a chance against Rainsford. With a voice that invites itself into your heartstrings as the sole puppeteer, Rainsford makes delicate pop with an ocean of soul. Last Wednesday, she let us into her world with an intimate, impassioned Lockdown set.

Despite donning the common cold last week, she performed ‘Somewhere Else,’ dancing around her space, worries nowhere to be found. Rainsford reminded us that during these times, it is vital that we stay strong, and that we stay together (six feet apart, at home). Invite Rainsford in by diving deep into her Spotify releases and keeping up with her fun on Instagram.



Niia performed on an upright piano for us last Thursday, surrounded by purple and pink lights. The soul, jazz, pop, mix-it-up queen shared how inspired she is by Sade in her music, and her affinity for opera and drama: the musical kind. We think.

An expressive bird with a palette of genres to share, Niia beautifully calls upon her classical upbringing. Her music brings comfort, exploration, and expansion; most notably in her recent sophomore album. Released on Valentine’s day of this year, II: La Bella Vita is a gorgeous collection of dreamy vocals, a hint of diva, and a ton of honesty. Sink in below.



Molly Moore is the rainbow angel sent to us specifically for this Lockdown. Last Friday she joined us, face adorned with stickers and fingernails in every color, to remind us that creativity thrives in uncertainty. She’s currently staying-at-home with a couple other RoundUp birds, including Maty Noyes (below)!

Molly sang us her new single ‘Over Getting Over You’ – a song appropriately titled for what this resilient artist has experienced over the past year. Molly shared with us that in some ways, she’s been preparing for this quarantine: heartbroken over the loss of her father and a six year relationship almost back to back. Yet, does it come as a surprise that she’s one of the strongest women we know? No. Dance a little and feel the power that comes from a Molly song – binging links below.



Georgi Kay is the Aussie-Brit, sci-fi enthusiast who dances along the spectrum of EDM and dark acoustic folk. Yup – you read that right. This multi-talented artist, who has won several international awards for her electronic music, shared with Ladygunn last Saturday that we might expect an acoustic series soon, in addition to a futuristic, post-WWIII novel she’s currently working on. Georgi answered fan questions about the themes in her novel, what inspires her in the sci-fi world, and the creative process behind her newest single, ‘Gasoline:’ another hit filled with harmonies, introspection, and fiery, romantic metaphors. Her lyrics are deep and connective, allowing the listener to put their own story inside the music.

Georgi played three, beautiful songs on her acoustic left-handed guitar for us before signing off. She promised to be back with more interviews in the future; until then, we’ll be replaying her music below and dreaming about that novel on the horizon.



Maty Noyes made our Sunday by performing her single, ‘Sunlight,’ with one of her quarantine buddies playing guitar alongside. The candy pop queen indeed delivers sunshine in the form of catchy, colorful bops.

Maty reminded us during her Lockdown show to keep each other accountable in the way of creativity. Coming a long way in the music world, she’s always seeking to improve herself: her current challenge? A 10 minute long song. Stay tuned with this sultry, kind, vibrant artist and maybe you’ll be one of the first to hear it.




photos / courtesy of the artists

story / Ariana Tibi

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