PREMIERE: Kara Craig Is Obsessed in Colorful 'New Crush Who Dis?' Video

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Kara Craig is crushing hard. The Los Angeles based pop artist and fashion designer is just a little bit obsessed in her candy-colored new music video for “New Crush Who Dis?,” premiering exclusively on LADYGUNN.
Written by Craig and produced by Alyxx Dione and Gino, the hazy R&B-pop track was written when the artist was “feeling insecure in a situation with a guy I had a mega crush on.”
“I didn’t know how he felt about me,” she shares. “I was going fucking crazy not knowing. Instead of losing my mind over it, I decided to pour it into a song.”

As for the playful yet intense self-directed and self-edited music video, Craig says she “wanted to take the concept of the song and completely exaggerate it so I could have more fun with the storytelling and hopefully make people laugh [and] feel good.”
“Basically, I’m playing a super delusional version of myself who falls in lust at first sight and decides this boy is her property now,” she explains. “The video goes back and forth between a kidnapping ‘reality’ and my imagination, where I fantasize about us together in the bedroom, and where he actually wants me back. But underneath this dramatized mess, there’s actually an important message that I slid in there… It’s an emphasis on how important it is to love yourself, completely, as one, so you’re not out here looking to others for fulfillment or happiness that only you can truly provide for yourself.”
Watch the video up top.



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