Kaiser Chiefs

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photographer / Mike Lerner
story / Koko Ntuen
shot on location @ The Cassa Hotel

Leeds very own indie-punk darlings, Ricky Wilson, Andrew “Whitey” White, Rix Nick “Peanut” Baines and Vijay Mistry, also known collectively as the Kaiser Chiefs are starting off 2014 in an impressive way. Ricky Wilson the lead vocalist of the group has secured a place as coach for the U.K. version of The Voice alongside Will.i.am, Kylie Minogue, and Tom Jones, as well a securing a place in pop stardom. The appearance by Ricky is a departure from his mostly indie demeanor and thrust him directly into the limelight. He tells the Daily Mirror,

“It took me two years to think it was a good idea. That’s the problem with the ‘alternative’ world – you think of all that can go wrong not the one huge benefit. Some people would think I’m a ginger cock even if I ended all war.”

Not that they had anything to prove but The Kaiser Chiefs’ fifth studio album, Education, Education, Education & War did just that by making an album that is the proper British rock collection we have all been waiting for since the 90s. The album, out April 1st,is a 10-track set carries the perfect mix of songs. There are some aggressive songs that will make you want to head bang and join anti-anything groups, and then beautiful ballads like, “Coming Home” that will make you miss something. The whole collection proves to be an evolution in the groups songwriting and sound that can make you appreciate the musical skills of the bunch.
Simon says, ” This record we got a bit of anger back, we tried to make the songs say something- mean something, connect emotionally…”
You can clearly hear a transformation in the group. With the the departure of principal songwriter and drummer Nick Hodgson and the addition of new drummer Vijay Mistry, the band has altered their trademark sound but in a seamless and cohesive way that will replace any feelings of the loss of the “old” Kaiser Chiefs with excitement and loyalty to the bands journey. As Ricky tell us, “Making music has changed a lot since we first started, but then it’s kind of gone full circle.”
We can’t wait to hear what they have in store for the masses next, till then check out the new album Education, Education, Education & War and prepare to rock out with whatever you want out.
Check out the track listing to the new album below.

1. The Factory Gates
2. Coming Home
3. Misery Company
4. Ruffians On Parade
5. Meanwhile Up In Heaven
6. One More Last Song
7. My Life
8. Bows & Arrows
9. Cannons
10. Roses


Official homepage at kaiserchiefs.co.uk

Youtube: youtube.com/user/kaiserchiefsuk

MySpace: https://myspace.com/kaiserchiefs

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kaiserchiefs

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