Justine Skye

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LADYGUNN SpencerKohn_Justine_Skye_1.21.15-98

writer / Mary Lynn Ritch

photographer / Spencer Kohn

stylist / Courtney Raniszewski

hair+ makeup / Lynsey Laskowski

location / Be Electric Studios

Installation / Gazoo To The Moon

Every where you turn you see tabloids about what’s going on in the personal lives of young Hollywood.  It’s hard to fathom that with the level of notoriety most of these young people receive, that they are actually really gifted performers.  Brooklyn native 19 year-old talent Justine Skye is one of those performers.

Her hit song with Tyga “Collide” last year is reminiscent of 90’s R&B and that’s no accident.  “Growing up some of my biggest influences were Destiny’s Child, TLC, and basically anything my parents listened to.” Skye said, “So it’s pretty obvious I’m influenced by a lot of old 90’s music.” 

Skye says that working with Tyga was interesting.  “He is incredibly easy to work with and is very humble.”  But she and Tyga don’t just have a music connection in common.  They are both really close with Kylie Jenner.  Even though to you and me the Kardashian/Jenner life is nothing by extravagant with them being plastered all over tabloids earning them millions of dollars, Skye says that the famous family are just a normal people.  She says being in public with them can be a little crazy with the paparazzi.  “It can get crazy,” she said, “one time when I was in Los Angeles I saw a group of them stop in the middle of the road.” 

To Skye her own personal celebrity is new and she’s is incredibly thankful for her fans. “The first time I realized I had made it was at one of my shows in New York,” she said, “When I went out on stage and looked at a crowd of people who were there for me, I felt an overwhelming feeling of ‘this is what I am supposed to do’ and that all my hard work is paying off.”

More of Justine in the #11 Discovery Issue of LADYGUNN. She will release her album “Emotionally Unavailable” later this year.






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