Jules Paymer Has ‘Mommy Issues’

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Singer/Songwriter Jules Paymer Has Just Released Their Latest Single And Visual Called ‘Mommy Issues’ Under An Important Narrative That Is Related To How Personal Relationships With Our Family Can Be Reflected In Our Love Relationships.

In the words of the artist, the song is based on a personal experience. “I was seeing someone who was WAY too old for me and was trying to convince myself that I wanted to be with her. I think deep down she was actually just satisfying my messed-up relationship with my mom. I think ‘maybe’ she was helping me heal some old wounds.”

Sonically, “Mommy Issues” is a pop featuring an anthemic pop-punk chorus, grunge-drenched guitars, and a pop hook that won’t quit.

The accompanying visuals show the artists in a psychological consultation trying to explain to the therapist what happens inside their mind with this relationship and their maternal ties, just to end up in an intense smooch, with the therapist.

Jules Paymer is a 22-year-old native of sunny Los Angeles but has built a great following since their transition to Nashville. Music has become the frontrunner on their list of passions.

Their music has been added to Spotify’s New Music Friday, SALT, and Young & Free playlists among others and they have received acclaim from Billboard.

For them, the thing is very clear. “I want to make pop music honest, and queer music universal. I want to sing about the things that everyone else is scared to say, and change minds with my music.”



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