Jenny O.

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By: Spencer Keasey Scanlon

Jenny O. has taken the music world by storm as of late, releasing her new EP Home via Manimal, and her first holiday single, “Get Down For The Holidays,” on Target’s holiday soundtrack, The Christmas Gig. Now she’s thrilled to share her new video for “Well OK, Honey” (grab the approved MP3!), which premiered on Shockhound …and that’s not all! She would also like to share her second holiday single with you, in the form of “Prettiest Little Present.”  Happy Holidays from Jenny O.!
Of the “Well OK, Honey” video, Jenny O. says, “I always wanted to make a dance video and while I was visiting friends in Humboldt County I had a camera and some willing help. It all came together pretty naturally. We shot the neighbor’s house. Those are my friends’ bikes, trucks, and hiking spots. Hats off to Jacqueline Suskin and Sarah Sky for their patience and sweet moves.”
On the Home EP, you can hear influences as varied as wide-eyed folk, jazz-fueled hip-hop, and 60s and 70s pop. The lyrics are irresistibly frank and evocative, especially sung by her fresh, soaring voice. Throughout the tracks, the light-hearted, sunny L.A. vibe is always present. Jenny O. will also be performing a month-long February residency in Los Angeles, at the Bootleg Theater.

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