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photos /  Tyler Nevitt

story / Tiffany Tso

Jacuzzi Boys are a rock ‘n roll band from Miami, Fla. They are also some seriously nice dudes, extremely easy-going, possible astrology believers and marginally close to Iggy Pop. Having just released their third full-length self-titled album, Gabriel Alcala (guitar, vocals), Danny Gonzales (bassist) and Diego Monasteri (drums, vocals) are back on the road putting on solid performances as per their reputation.
LADYGUNN: What is going on with the band right now?
Gabriel: Well currently we’re signing postcards to mail out.
Danny: To mail out as little Thank Yous to… Gabriel: Radio stations Danny: And other folks. We’re having a little teenybopper moment.
You’re hitting the road with King Tuff and Wavves. Are you guys good friends?
D: I guess they’re friends. We’ve played together before and we were friendly with each other. We will be homies by the end of it.
How did you become buddies with the legendary Iggy Pop?
G: It started in 2007 or 8, we played a show. He was sort of the guest of honor. It was a record store that set up the show., and he was there. And we played. While we were playing, he got front row and started dancing. We were blown away, like super stoked. After that, I guess it’s been three times he’s mentioned us in some sort of publication or on the radio. This magazine hit us both up about interviewing each other, and he agreed. So he invited us over to his house.
D: Not many people know, but he lives in Miami and has lived here for… ten years, like 8 years or something.
G: We went over to his house, totally hung out, chatted; he showed us all of his Stooges memorabilia. It was really surreal and fun.

Do you think there will be a Jacuzzi Boys Iggy Pop collaboration?
G: I don’t know, but I’d love to. D: When we left his house that day, he mentioned, “yeah man, we should do something together.”  And we were just like… I’m under the impression that we’re not necessarily going to pursue; I don’t want to bother him about that.  We’re like, “yeah sure man, just let us know.”
That’d be amazing. Growing up and being a musician, was he an inspiration to you?
D: I remember buying the Raw Power album a long time ago and being like… “Holy shit, this sounds crazy.” I hadn’t heard another record that even sounded like that. It definitely made a big impression on me. I definitely do see him as an icon, as well. You can’t say anything bad about him.
Is there an Iggy Pop song you like to cover?
D: On the last one, we were covering a song. We were covering “Funtime”, off of The Idiot. Kind of doing it our own way sort of, but it’s a fun song.
So about jacuzzigals.com and the infamous vagina lips video, you guys did not have anything to do with making the video, right?
G: Yeah, not us.
D: Well…
Some things are better left a mystery.

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