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Bored on a Sunday night, or just annoyed by some loser boy that you have been waiting on for about 2 hours to grab a drink?? Story of my life! Ditch that egotistical bastard. Call a real friend, or just go alone to The Ace Hotel. I swear you will meet a hottie out of towner with sick style. That is what I have been up to for the past two Sundays. The Ace Hotel’s Lobby on a Sunday night is full of well dressed cuties (gay and straight). It has an old fashion lounge vibe, a great place to kickback, grab a drink, and listen to some obscure band play.

Jác performed on Sunday, and I was blown away. Jác is a six piece folk-pop ensemble from New Jersey. They are multi-instrumentalists with a Latin-European influenced sound featuring the accordion, mandolin, bass, horns, strings, and even the ukulele. Cool, right? So, if you need a chill night to forget about that boy you have been pining over for the past 6 months, or just want to hear some good music in a sweet atmosphere hit up The Ace Hotel. Also checkout Jác’s music video Polar Bear Trophy. You will fall in love with their sound and nix that boy.
Special Thanks to my girl Erika Ordoñez who who introduced me to Jác and writes for the music blog, Off The Radar!

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