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Yep is the name of the new band filled with the ultimate collaborators. They are a collection of producers and songwriters who remotely create music together while scattered all over the world, and they make it look effortless. Their latest single “Prime Mates” is out now and it has us feeling thankful for our friends. And I think that feeling comes from their friendship that is sowed all over this song.

The animated music video features colorful monkeys morphing and twirling all over a black backdrop. Reminiscent of the adventures and friendships in the classic Wild Thornberry’s cartoon or in a Lion King montage, this is a feel good song with a wholesome video. We got to talk to yep about the band’s friendship, their musical influences, and writing their new single “Prime Mates”.

How did this band come together? Did you all know each other before?

We’ve all been good friends and collaborators for years now. We help each other out on our own solo endeavors, and collectively have worked with a lot of other, more established artists for some time. It just made sense that we would finally come together to create our own, unique thing.

What’s your band about? How would you describe your sound and what you aim to do when making a song?

We wanted to take our collective experience in the music industry, and individual talents, to come together to make some great pop music that we could all get behind. Something danceable, with a bit of our satire thrown in, and with heart.

Where were you when writing “Prime Mates”? What was the process like?

We are actually scattered around the US. And because of COVID we’ve been kept even more scattered. So this song, like a lot of our songs, was written remotely via phone recordings and emails. I will say it came together pretty quickly, though.

How did you come up with the concept for the music video?

The concept for the video was sort of a no brainer. There aren’t that many lyrics to the song, and they paint a pretty clear picture. We were imagining something like this since day one. Animated monkey friends making their way through the universe. Who doesn’t want to see that?

Who are some of your musical influences? Dream collaborations?

For this particular project we were taking a lot of cues from LCD Soundsystem, Sault, Glass Animals, St. Vincent, Kaytranada… groups like that. Working with any of them would be amazing.



story / Vogue Giambri

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