Trio Minutes Are The New British Girl Group You Should Know About

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Some might think that girl-groups are a thing of the past, but that’s simply not true. Over the last couple of years we’ve have seen a rise of girl-group popping up from the surface and claiming a fair amount of success. Groups like Fifth  Harmony, Little Mix and K-pop group BlackPink have shown us that the the phenomenon around girl groups has yet to die out and instead is on is on it’s way to making a reemergence. British girl-group Trio Minutes comprised of sisters Maurisa, Jemima and Rebeca recently released their second EP Catch 22: B Side .

The 6 track EP stays true to their signature sound, which is both 80’s/90’s  inspired and genre fluid. Surprisingly enough their expertises are not only limited to music, they also run an ethical clothing brand called Allen-Molyneux Ladies, were they create one of kind handmade designed pieces. With an endless amount of talents these ladies are well on their way to achieving everything they’ve set out to do. Recently, LADYGUNN caught up with the trio to talk about what goes into making their signature sound, what it’s like navigating the music world as siblings and the significance of fashion in girl groups.

Your sound is very abstract and seems to pay homage to old school house music. Do you have any specific inspirations?

When it comes to our inspiration, Mel & Kim are on the top of our radar and have been since we were all very young, so we would have to say they have influenced a percentage of our unique sound.

You just released a new album, what went into crafting the sounds/ production of it?

Catch 22: B-side was an album that was created under the influence of the first release catch 22: chapter 1.So when we were producing it, we focused on making every sound in the instrumental express the spirit within each lyric, so the rhythm was developed with every verse and built on each beat so that the feeling and expression would build throughout each track, as every song has a story.

As you are all siblings, is it ever hard to make decisions that you all agree on when it comes to your music/the direction of the group?

Yes it is definitely hard to come to final decisions, so in the beginning we realised that we all have different genre tastes in music, and we came to the conclusion to blend genres so that we could create music that we could all enjoy and love. Which was definitely one of our best decisions as now we can appeal to a vast amount of audiences.

Girl groups were really big in the 90s, do you think there is somewhat of a re-emergence in popularity in girl groups now? If so please elaborate. 

We believe that girl groups are dominating the music industry again, and it is such a refreshing thing to see, with all the talent and new artists moving up in the charts. We too hope to build our careers as women in the music industry and to fabricate on a new sound that will express the next stage in the music world.

Fashion is a large part of girl groups, do you have a staple style that you all have that embodies the group, if so what would you categorize it as? Also what are some trends that you all have been into recently 

As a group we like to play on taking our outfits back to the sixties, seventies, and eighties with hints of the nineties, and this is so that we can express our unique sound and style as a group. This often plays with the songs we create so we try to combine the both together by playing with colour or choose the wildest prints sometimes even mix-match that can help us create different moods.

If you were to describe our styles separately, we like to put ourselves in the three c’s, Maurisa represents the Classic side of fashion, putting Jemima into the Casual side placing Rebeca with the more Chic style. When it comes to the trends we have always created our own unique signature style.

What are interests you all have outside of the group? 

Maurisa – Jewellery making, Reading comics, & Drawing

Jemima – Writing crime stories, Photography, Visiting Galleries

Rebeca – Video Editing, Designing, Vintage fashion

Growing up what were some things that led you on the path to becoming  musicians?

Our childhood plays a big part in our decision, to become musicians and this is because we all have been through the hardest of times, trying to fit in with what our family believes normal should look like. Music was the gateway to freedom as three women who just wanted to be themselves without being judged, because we were always told that we were too quiet, this was an excuse that was often used. The music we make helps us to express ourselves which we struggled to do in the past, and the best way for us was song writing, it’s now like an open diary we finally have the courage to release giving the three of us the confidence to believe in each other, and ourselves separately for once.

Are there any new projects that you all are working on at the moment?

We are always working on new projects, as we like to work in chunks because all the music we release connects. We actually always leave you with a cliff-hanger that is continued into the next single, ep or album release. Everything is an untold story which you get to follow along with each song.

     Photos /courtesy of Trio Minutes
story /Jada Jackson


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