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The soulful, sultry artist Torii Wolf’s latest single “Colours” is out now, and it is the all the meditative, love-making music we’ve been waiting for. The Bjork-esque lyrical lines of poetry, over a simple tapping drum, and a few spacious atmospheric strings, make this song the ultimate mood. The burning incense, reading under candlelight, lounging with your lover kind of mood. Wolf’s ability to bring us there comes from her roots she’s been growing in the spiritual and ethereal realms. We’re all wondering what a day in the life of Torii Wolf would look like, and we imagine it’s something like her music: dreamy.

We actually get a sneak peek into their life in the music video. It cuts in and out of colour and black & white scenes, giving us modern film noir vibes. The video follows the tatted LA singer and lover around a house as they live their day. A wholesome cinematic piece of art that fits so perfectly with the atmosphere of the song. We got to talk to Torii Wolf about making the music video, writing “Colours” and growing up in New York.

What are you up to today? What does a typical day look like to you?

Most days I wake up (very excited) and do kundalini yoga and make special coffee with all kinds of delicious things inside of it. LIKE MCT oil, Reishi, cacao, and  cinnamon. Lately I’ve been adding some Maca and ashwagandha. Mmmmm. And then I drop into the home studio. Making sure my creative zone is facing east.  Set the vibe and burn some holy wood. Channel spirit through my vocal.

So you’re from the east coast but live on the west coast. Do you prefer one to another? What’s you’re favorite thing about living in LA?

I am so grateful to have grown up in NY. There truly is no place like NY. I do love living on the west coast but having my east coast foundation feels very important.  I have been going back east often ever since I moved away. Since the pandemic I have not been back but the New Yorker in me lives on.

My favourite thing about living in LA would have to be the sunshine and the coffee and the progressive way of living.

How would you describe your sound?

 My sound can be versatile depending on the collaboration.  The one consistent sound I would say throughout is primal and ethereal. I love singing sultry over a boom bap type trip hop beat.

Where did the inspiration behind “Colours” come from? What was the process like?

During this pandemic I have had the pleasure of connecting with a lot of very talented people all over the world through the internet. Being able to record from home has become a crucial part of the process for me. I am so beyond grateful! ‘Colours’ is the first record I am releasing with Epidemic Sound. I love the direction of this record and I hope to release many more like this.

How did the music video come together? Where did the concept come from?

The visual was inspired by my interpretation of the lyrical meaning. How life is in full Colour when you are in love and when you miss someone you find them every where. In the little details. The juxtaposition of graffiti walls and tattooed body parts. Longing, missing, obsessing over what once was and desperately trying to retrace your steps to find that feeling again.

My partner Kayko Tamaki (Memento Mori Productions)  is a director + filmmaker so we have been creating a lot of content during this quarantine which has been quite healing and transformative.

What do you listen to when you need a good cry? Or a pick me up?

Lately I have been listening to Thom Yorke Nicolas Jaar Son Lux and James Blake to drop into the emotional body. For any pick me up or fee good vibe I usually go to Polo & Pan, Ali Farka Touré, Mulatu Astatke and many more !! I’ve had a lot of fun making Spotify quarantine playlists.

What are you looking forward to this year?

I am looking forward to all of the collaborations I have been working on. A lot of really cool projects coming. I am planning on releasing a song a month at least. There is so much magic to be shared!! I am also hoping to try working more  with some different mediums like paint + ink + poetry + piano



photos / Kayko Tamaki

story / Vogue Giambri

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