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Brooklyn-based loser has succumbed to making music in his lonesome miserable state. Seul writes, produces, and plays all instruments alone in his apartment. His first single “Loser” is out now and it’s funky. The song will not make you feel good about yourself it will make you feel like a loser and that’s exactly what he wants. He’s proud that he has no money and nobody to sleep with.

We got to talk to the faceless artist about the origin of his name, embracing failure, and of course, being a loser.

How has it been quarantining in Brooklyn? Have you found ways to occupy yourself there?

Seul means alone in French. I was very alone. Very very alone. Very Very Very Alone. So I made this music.

What instruments do you play? Did you make this song in your apartment?

I can play all instruments minus maybe horns and that kinda stuff. I made this song on my own in my studio, which is in my apartment.

How long did it take you to write this song? Which lyric came first? 

This song took me a few days to make. The chorus came first . I was feeling like a loser and the idea of the songs kinda came out of anger at first. Then I just got real fun.

What’s your advice to other Losers who may not have making music as an outlet?

Join me. Embrace the failing. It will eventually lead to more failing.

Who is Seul?

A fuckin loser that likes making songs.

What can we look forward to seeing from you next?

Music. I will be releasing a song a month for the next few months.



 story / Vogue Giambri

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