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Reconnecting with friends from other cities is always a struggle; it might be because of scheduling conflicts or the fact that you now have new friends that are in your neighborhood. UK’s Ella M and Los Angeles’ Courtney Paige Nelson took the time to reconnect during this pandemic and here is what they had to say.

Ella: A​re you finding yourself reflecting more now that your schedule is a lot less busy? and if so how?

Courtney​:​ I think that I am already the type to reflect on my past, present, and future… maybe that’s because I have ADHD or maybe that’s just a part of who I am. Nevertheless, I think I am reflecting a little too much right now to the point that It is becoming distracting from my work, which is unlike me. But, I’ve seen a lot of people posting things and putting a lot of pressure on coming out of this a new person, and I’ve kind of had to remind myself that even if I do 50% of what I could do, that’s okay because we are all going through something that Is so extreme right now. Any energy I can give to bettering myself as a musician should be rewarded.

Ella: T​otally feel you on that level.! The thing that freaked me out so much was seeing people react to this whole thing productively. I was the total opposite, I went into kind of a recused state where I found it extremely hard to create and collaborate. Have you done any virtual writing sessions yet?

Courtney: ​no, I haven’t done any yet. I just find it really hard to connect with something or someone over a phone or computer. I can barely do therapy over Skype let alone a writing session.

Ella:​ I think it is hard to develop an idea from scratch over the phone definitely but, I think it could work if there was an idea already in place and it was only a matter of fleshing something out or polishing a draft. But, nevertheless I think it does come second to actually being in the room physically with other musicians and creatives. On that note, has the isolation shown you that your creative process involves being alone or rely on others?

Courtney: ​I like to do things alone as I’ve always been that way through my life but, when it comes to music, I would way prefer to be around people during a writing session. I think there is a lot that can be learned from being around someone physically… you get to feel out their vibe, mannerisms, and style. Although I love social media and technology I find those personal things impossible to pick up over a computer screen. I’m curious, what are you most looking forward to once we are free?!

Ella:​ Honestly, I am just pumped to get back out there and perform more shows. I had so many amazing performances booked for this year and I’ve been substituting them with Instagram Live concerts from my piano at home but, it really isn’t the same and I think I am super awkward on camera so that’s a bummer. But It gives me a great excuse to test out my new music to a broader audience which i’ve actually benefited greatly from. I am also super pumped about releasing music every month and at this rate, I should have my YELLOW BLAZER EP out by the very end of summer and moving on to my new project. What about you?

Courtney: ​I am just ready to get the third song that I was working on done and released and the ‘Better Now’ Music Video shot and finished. Now that I have more time on my hands I can think about the creative vision for the video which is good but, originally I had an idea in a hospital with all the extras wearing masks and now I think that would be way too close to the current crisis.





photos & story / Ella M & Courtney Paige Nelson

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