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Passionate, singer-songwriter Rainsford released a video this month that is likely one of her most personal. ‘Open Open’ narrates the desire to go back in time and the will to resolve an issue, no matter who is to blame. Fresh off the heels of heartache, Rainsford took over a Western Saloon with a female-fronted team to tell her story: 

“I wrote ‘Open Open’ about a very tumultuous relationship. I’m the kind of person who is happy to fall on the sword, and take all the blame, if it means keeping love alive.” Rainsford explains. “This song is an apology in a way. A desperate plea. Begging for another chance. In the end, it was a hollow effort.” 

Intimate and bare, Rainsford is no walls and all soul. Her sophisticated timbre and deep sense of originality translate into an artist who is authentic, poetic, and relatable. With a growing fan base and regular live shows, Rainsford’s popularity is on the rise and her music is evolving with her.

We spoke to Rainsford about ‘Open Open’ and she confessed that the filming was not cathartic, just purely emotional. Read the full interview below to find out why. 

 This video is led by you entirely, performing every lyric with intention. You mentioned that this song is like begging for another chance, yet it was a hollow effort. What was it like for you to make this music video? Was it cathartic at all? 

The day we shot the video I was still crying on the phone with my ex between set ups lol, so no it was not cathartic. But it definitely was emotional and representative of the sentiment of the song. 

 What do the other women in the video represent for you? What was the intention behind them staring down the camera lens? 

 My favorite music videos have a little bit of humor in them while still being cool and beautiful. So that’s what I was hoping to create. 

Why choose the Western Saloon as a theme? What is it about this specific time period that relates to the song for you? 

I knew I wanted to do a period theme as a little tongue in cheek nod to the lyrics in the chorus “I can’t go back in time, as much as I wish I could.” And I just really love prairie dresses and a western setting. 

Talk to us about your musical journey. When did you start singing?  

I’ve been singing for as long as I could speak. In general I am very self-critical and lacking in confidence. But singing/writing/music is something I’ve always felt good about. Being able to put music out into the world that I like, and that I’m proud of takes a lot of work but it feels incredible. 

Lyrical content often ebbs and flows for artists as we go through different things in life. What is something you’re finding yourself focusing on or writing about right now?  

All my lyrics are deeply personal. Whatever I’m going through in my life I put into my songs. So recently it’s been a lot of heartache.

What is one thing you always need to have by you when writing a song? 

I use my phone to record melody ideas all the time. And http://www.b-rhymes.com

What are your hopes or goals for 2020? What kind of growth do you envision? 

More than anything, I want my brother, my sister and I to be happy. Strangely we’ve all been going through really difficult breakups at the same time. Which has been a twisted blessing in a way because we’ve bonded over the sadness. Career wise, I’m looking forward to releasing more music. I’m still figuring out the plan, but it looks like I’ll have another EP coming soon and hopefully some more shows in Europe. I just shot two movies back to back and have a few other acting things lined up, so I’m eager to dive into some new projects. I’m just trying to keep my heart and my mind open and  I’m excited to see what comes!



Story / Ariana Tibi

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