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New York City singer-songwriter Rachel Bochner’s new EP 2AM is out now and it is all the sad angsty subway songs you could ask for. Late night thoughts are intertwined throughout the whole project. We’ve all been there. Iphone notes from the late hours of the evening and early mornings of our sleep deprived city lives. Bochner’s EP collects that feeling, that edge of a dream feeling, and translates it into her music. She’s lucky to have the big apple as inspiration, it certainly is something and somewhere you stay up till 2AM writing about.

Her youthful silk-like voice paired with synthy energetic instrumentals serve us major vibes for all our stay at home angst. Bochner’s first EP has a promising reception into the world. She’s already talking about another one. She keeps learning and we can’t wait to see what comes next. I got to talk to the NYC artist about getting into music, what she’s been listening to on the subway, and writing her debut EP 2AM.

What’s up Rachel! What are you up to today? What’s it like in New York right now? 

Hiii! Right now, I’m drinking coffee in my parents house with my dog sitting at my feet looking for attention. He’s a golden retriever, so naturally he has a LOT of emotions. My version of New York looks different than I thought it would at this point… I’ve been in the suburbs since last March. It’s an interesting energy shift spending so much time in your hometown after going away to college and living independently for so long. I miss the hustle and bustle and magic of the city, and I can’t wait to get back to it!

What’s your favorite thing about living in that iconic city? What’s the music scene like?

My favorite thing about the city is how massive and small it feels at the same time. It’s the kind of place where you will quite literally never run out of places to go, people to meet, and things to try, but as I’ve started to meet more people in the music scene, whether it’s writers, artists, producers, or whatever, there are so many overlapping circles – it’s kind of comforting as someone new to the scene.

So this will be your first EP? Exciting! How does it feel to finish up that chapter?

EEEK yes! It’s a cool milestone to have a body of work out, and I feel like this project enabled me to really explore and hone in on the direction I want to take my sound and future projects. Even in the past few months I feel like I’ve grown as a writer, so I’m excited to take what I learned from working on 2 AM with me as I start my next EP.

What made you decide to call the whole project 2 AM? 

Most of the ideas behind the songs on 2 AM came to me at night! Sometimes the only time I feel creative is at odd hours of the night – I’ll be laying in bed with my phone 2 inches away from my face typing random ideas in my notes app and singing absolute groggy nonsense into a voice memo. It’s always a journey trying to decipher those the next morning. The song 2 AM was actually the last song written for the EP, but once we landed on 2 AM as the title for the song, it just felt right to name the whole project 2 AM.

How long did it take to finish? What was the process like? Do you have a certain song that really stood out to you?

I started writing specifically for it towards the end of March. I got laid off from my day job and was living at home, so I wanted to make some good out of a shitty situation. The EP became a sort of escape – channeling those feelings of nostalgia and yearning for excitement into a world that looked VERY different to the one I was living in. Lol, I can’t believe I just used the word yearning.

The process was… humbling… I recorded all the vocals in my bedroom at my desk… lots of Zooms/FaceTimes with my co-writers, the producers, etc. I collaborate with some really close friends, so it feels extra special that they played such a huge role in the project. I got the final masters back in October, but the process doesn’t feel totally complete yet. I’m filming videos for 2 AM and Ultraviolet in February (shoutout to It’s A Long Story Productions!). I think being able to share a visual representation of the story will bring it full circle and close the chapter for me. A song that especially stood out to me was Ultraviolet, because it allowed me to understand myself a bit better while writing it. I won’t give too much away – that’s what the video is for. 🙂

Do you remember a specific moment where you knew you wanted to be a musician?

I think it’s always been buried somewhere deep down. As a child I LOVED being the center of attention and putting on shows for anyone who was unlucky enough to get roped in. But, as I got a little older, the idea of putting myself out there to that extent became intimidating. I knew I wanted to work in music in some capacity, so for a while I told myself I needed to find a job at a label. I did actually work at a label as an A&R intern during the summer of 2018, and that’s what made me realize I really wanted to create and share my own music.

What do you listen to when you’re taking a ride on the subway?

When I want to feel like the main character: Cinnamon Girl – Lana Del Rey

When I’m in a man-spreading contest with the dude next to me: Truth Hurts – Lizzo

When I’m in a sad girl mood: House With No Mirrors – Sasha Sloan

When I want to lose myself in a music video in my head: Green Light – Lorde

What are you looking forward to in 2021?

LIVE SHOWS!! Hugging my friends and literally never letting go. Getting out of the suburbs and back to the NYC I miss (but still visiting often – I can’t be away from my dog that long). Traveling via airplane… can you imagine?! Oh, and a new president.



photos / Megan Clark & Rachel Bochner

story / Vogue Giambri

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