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Joey Wineberg is One with Shade, and he’s as much a musician as he’s a storyteller and an explorer. the subject of these endeavors is the world of “The North,” an Icy fantasy queendom that exists within the aetheric recesses of his mind. During his journeys into the mental landscapes of The North, One With Shade meets enigmatic and glamorous characters who always wear masks to hide their true selves and it quickly becomes apparent that the North is nothing if not a cold mirror image of the world  Joey has inhabited all of his life, struggling with Tourette syndrome, ADD, a stutter, and social anxiety.

“Midnight Swimming” is a new single/music video that expands upon Joey’s world, introducing us to a mysterious female known as Aidan, while guiding us ever deeper into this oniric fantasy. Join us today as we pick at Mr. Wineberg’s brain, and perhaps you too can go Midnight Swimming with an Aidan of your own.

Please tell us a bit about the concept of “The North”.

“Midnight Swimming” kicks off a new chapter of songs built around the unfolding and deteriorating conflict I encountered in The North.

In the battle to stay in our current reality, I fell too far “Backwards” [See last song release] into the icy queendom of The North, which is accessed through a “Lucid Dream” [see first EP].

It’s a very mysterious song, I can’t quite piecer it. is Aidan a part of you or someone else entirely?

Aidan is the name of the masked female I encountered at the edge of a lake, swimming in the icy dark waters. After cutting through deep forests alone, I encountered Aidan. Another human being. I wasn’t alone. I was lost, trying to find a way out of this parallel universe. I was terrified of her, but also desperate for human connection. Was she going to kill me? I didn’t care. I pleaded for her to take me with her. “I won’t make a sound”, I promise. She introduces herself to me as a “figure of The North”, describing the childish war that’s being played out between two enemy sides (“sides have been designed, drunk on and run as innocence”). Aidan tied me up, taking me hostage to her village. And that’s where the story leaves off…

Will “Midnight Swimming” be a part of a follow-up Album or EP that continues the journey into The North?

“Midnight Swimming” is about a quarter way into the into the storyline. So probably like song 3 of a future full-length LP.  So, yes! That’s the plan. I’m still working on it, as I like to take my time on the production side.

Have you considered writing about The North in a more conventional story narrative other than songs?

It’s definitely crossed my mind. Part of me wants to do so at some point, but I also love leaving my works up for interpretation. Keeping the mystery alive. My favorite books, movies, and songs (and other forms of art) are the ones that either end abruptly or don’t fully explain every detail. It leaves the audience thinking, wondering, theorizing. That way, it’s less likely to be forgotten.

How did you hook up with MIRSY, have you two worked together before?

Chris King, who co-mixed + added additional production to “Midnight Swimming”, has worked with MIRSY on other music projects. When I mentioned I was looking for a female vocal for the spoken word bridge/backing vocals, he recommender her. Her voice fits my sound so well! It was a perfect match to embody Aidan and I enjoyed working with her.

You’re back at playing Live shows starting this August, how is that feeling for you? when was the last time you got the chance to play live?

I’ve excited! I’ve revamped my live show. Always trying to one-up my shows, in terms of its presentation. Immersive visuals will make their ways into shows in the near future. I was lucky enough to play in February 2021, a few weeks before L.A. shut down. So it’s been awhile, but not as long of a wait as most artists. Excited to let loose and tell my story on stage!



photos / Andrew Steres

story / Samuel Aponte

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