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Tyler Glenn, Chris Allen, Branden Campbell, and Elaine Bradley collectively make up pop/synth band Neon Trees and it looks like they have another hit song on their hands. “Used To Like” is a song just about every adult relationship can handle. “It depicts past relationships, friends or love, but for me it was about growth through a toxic relationship I had. That song and video is about becoming attached to something we love. It’s about exploring that phenomenon: why letting go is so hard,” lead singer Glenn says.

Following the success of the band’s debut album, 2010’s Habits, they didn’t show signs of slowing down. “I think I’ve grown a lot,” says lead singer Tyler Glenn. “When we play shows together, it feels like the same band that we started. I think we took a while since our last album, (2014’s Pop Psychology). I released my own solo album (Excommunication) and starred on Broadway. For us, there was a lot of background noise that created pressure. This last year, though, as we wrapped up this record we’ve been in a really creative space. I felt like I wrote a lot more on this record that I have on any other record. I wrote up to fifty songs. I think we are in a pressure free zone now because we are ready to put the body of work out. We didn’t put as much pressure in the style and sound,” says Glenn.

Glenn’s tastes varies, but when putting together new music, he only listens to the design of the new record. “Honestly when I’m making a record I’m only listening to the new songs. Other than that, it’s primarily a station or playlist on Spotify…something a bit of a pallete cleanser like a Sufjan Stevens Radio or Jose Gonzales Radio. My favorite record right now is the new Muna record, “Saves The World”. They should be the biggest band in the galaxy right now. I’ve also been listening to Twin Shadow and Charlie XCX,” admits the singer.

The band departed from Island Records and has now joined ADA/Warner Records. “It’s different for us because we were on a major label system for the last three albums. We had to find a new approach that works for us. We had a really great time, but it was really time for us to grow. It’s been good and been healthy,” Glenn says.

Glenn played on Broadway’s Kinky Boots and sharing his experiences with the band. “It was so choreographed and memorized and that really taught me a lot about how to tour on this new album too. There’s something about rock music; there’s that freedom and spontaneity. Designing an act on Broadway is what influenced me on the way I want to perform now. I’ve always been a bit theatrical and bombastic as a performer, but you have to be that way on Broadway though to reach everybody in the theater,” Glenn says about his Kinky Boots experience.

Following this five-year hiatus, Neon Trees are glad to be back. “We are putting out the record early summer, we are playing a bunch of festivals and radio shows, but we are excited to be back and be back for a while,” concludes Glenn.



photos / Jen Rosenstein

words / Robert Frezza

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