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If you want something done right, do it yourself! Ask ENTITY, A.K.A Natalie Diaz. She’s A self-taught multi-instrumentalist, DJ, and will-be producer of the highest caliber who will not be told by others what her music should be. Her vision is as bold as can, her sound is rich and complex and she’s trailblazing the electronic music scene along with the GRL GANG movement, providing our ears with more beats and melodies you can shake a stick at.

ENTITY’s (always all-caps) latest is “Play me (Don’t)” a post-break-up anthem for which there seems to be no endless amount of demand in an emotionally turbulent world full of broken people in need of healing and growth, exactly what her Music provides.

Of course, we had to go and ask her a couple of eight things, just for your edification:

The story behind Play Me (Don’t) is about a turbulent relationship that had already ended, do you find it ironic that you can turn turbulence into harmony?

That’s a great question! However, I don’t find it as ironic as I find it inspiring. I believe that things happen for a reason. I believe that the universe has a plan for all of us and the reason why I went through my turbulent relationship is so that I can welcome in peace, harmony and true love. The main takeaway from trauma is learning a lesson and I believe that this compilation is a reflection of that. I desperately wanted closure while being in this relationship and finally, I was able to achieve it after writing this EP. Even though I was so heartbroken and defeated, I was counting my blessings.

Is there some narrative continuity between your previous single -How Did You Get Into My Bed- and this new song?

Most definitely! How Did You Get Into My Bed is the beginning of the story. It is the reason why I devoted so much time and creative energy into the “Visions In Black” project. I was facing my emotions head on after waking up next to my ex girlfriend after no communication for 7 years. I was confused, anxious, uncomfortable, and somewhat at peace. The only way I was able to make sense of this rollercoaster was to write music. Play Me (Don’t) is an inner dialogue. It is the morning after and the weeks to come. I am hyping myself up to walk away no matter how hard it is. I am killing these emotions, these thoughts, these fantasies, and finally, closing the door on this chapter.

Everyone and every relationship is different, but with the power of hindsight in your hands, what would you say to people going through the same type of potentially disastrous reunion with ex-lovers?

I agree that everyone and every relationship is different, which means I don’t have the answers to all potentially disastrous reunions with ex-lovers… however, I will say this. Don’t have 4 vodka sodas and expect to make good decisions for yourself haha! In all seriousness, depending on the situation, really think about what that possible rekindle would do to your mental health. They left your life for a reason and more often than not, it is better that you leave them where they belong… in the past. Don’t wait for them to come back. Don’t think about a potential friendship, it just brings you right back to a mindset where you feel stunned and the whole point of life is to grow. Oddly enough, I had a lot of fun with her. We laughed, we caught up on lost time, but in the end, she wasn’t mine and unfortunately, hanging out with past loved ones may make you want that again… even if it’s not healthy.

The name ENTITY in All-Caps sounds quite enigmatic to me. Can you tell us a bit more about it without demystifying more than you have to?

ENTITY is my full name: Natalie Teresa Diaz. My initials are “NTD” and if you say it quickly, it is the word “entity.” The reason for the All-Caps decision was to be forward and bold, which is what I preach and practice as an artist. I strive to be honest, open hearted and courageous with my creative decisions.

What is the driving vision behind the upcoming “Visions In Black” EP?

“Vision In Black” is a strong metaphor for when someone or something completely blinds you. When I was younger, I vowed to myself that I’d name my debut compilation “Visions In Black” and I never understood why until I met my ex girlfriend. She was my first love and after reuniting after so long, I forgot what it felt like to be in her presence. It’s dangerous. I felt lost, vulnerable and imperceptive. At that moment it all made sense – she is the vision, in which I’ll never see come true, because it never existed, only the way I wanted it to.

I’ve read that you’re a multi-instrumentalist and that in recent years you’ve moved to electronic music production. Is this part of your journey to master different sounds or is there something special about Electronic music that speaks to you?

Great question! I started singing when I was five years old and eventually taught myself how to play the piano and guitar, then ultimately, I began writing my own songs. I became a singer/songwriter, but never really understood how to make it sound as professional as it could be. I knew something was missing. I then transitioned to electronic dance music, which completely opened up a whole new world for me. I absolutely loved the community, the atmosphere, the moral beliefs and of course, the music. With the natural progression of the music industry, I decided to teach myself how to produce. I then got accepted into ICON Collective, where I continue to pursue my music production education so that I can be as versatile as possible. I would definitely say that this is a part of my journey. Electronic music is what inspired me to start releasing music under ENTITY. It has a special place in my heart.

“EDM with female vocals” seems almost like its own subgenre, but a fully female-driven DJing/production revolution has been going on for a while. Have you found people to be receptive or skeptical of you as a female DJ/Producer?

In the industry and just in life itself, I think, naturally, you find both types of people who are receptive and skeptical of whatever decision you make for yourself. As a female, I definitely come across challenges where I may be the only woman on a bill or am sitting in on an all male studio session where I am feeling judged or ignored. Some of my suggestions and critiques fall on deaf ears a lot of the time, but I thankfully have met some amazing people who are loving, supportive and optimistic. Last year, I was fortunate to join the GRL GANG, which is a movement created by JEANIE, a dubstep queen, to encourage women from all different backgrounds to join forces and empower one another. It is important to have a community of women who push each other to stay strong and confident in this industry. Never have I met a more caring, passionate and inspiring group of women in my life. Shout out to you ladies… You all mean so much to me <3

As a Queer artist, is there anything you want to say or get off your chest during this Pride month?

Don’t be afraid to be honest with yourself and your loved ones! You are absolutely fabulous the way you are and never let your visions go black. Make sure they are full of clarity and positivity. Wish people well, be grateful for the lessons and smile. I manifest that you all continue to be your best selves and celebrate YOU this month. Thank you LADYGUNN <3



photos / Alexx Duvall

story / Samuel Aponte

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