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LADYGUNN had the opportunity to chat with Dreamer Boy about his new album “LONESTAR” and so much more!

Photo: Adam Alonzo


LADYGUNN: Your album “Lonestar” seems deeply rooted in the American South, both sonically and thematically. How did your experiences growing up in Texas influence the creation of this album, and what aspects of Southern culture did you intentionally incorporate into your music?

Dreamer Boy: Just living in Tennessee, Alabama, Texas… I loved the bugs and the humid nights in the summer. Got a lot of family in the south still and there’s a warmth that can’t be mimicked down there. I just finished driving through the south on tour and those shows were very special. The aspects that bled into the music are that warmth, organic feeling, also I guess more on the nose some elements of Americana and country music.

LADYGUNN: The imagery in your visualizer for “Baby Blue” is striking, particularly the scenes shot at an empty gas station in Valentine, TX. What inspired the choice of location and the overall aesthetic for the visual representation of this song?

Dreamer Boy: We went on a road-trip through Texas to just shoot whatever we found for the visualizers for the record. When we saw that gas station with the truck we knew we just had to film something and “Baby Blue” was the song I put on. It’s a fun little capsule.

LADYGUNN: “Lonestar” explores the nuances of modern romance and the complexities of falling in love. Could you share a specific moment or experience that served as a catalyst for the themes explored in this album?

Dreamer Boy: I think nuanced relationships in your 20s are a big inspiration. Relationships and friendships that aren’t just one thing. Navigating that love, and seeing it change and grow.

LADYGUNN: Your journey from Nashville to Los Angeles is reflected in the album’s evolution. How did this physical move impact your creative process, and what new perspectives did you gain while traversing the American landscape?

Dreamer Boy: It’s a drive, so you are just with yourself and your thoughts and I love time like that. So as a processing tool, the drive definitely gave me that space to process. Once I got to LA, making this album felt like a way to hold on to home a little bit. Then, finally let go and find myself in a completely new chapter.

LADYGUNN: The album cover depicts a “beaten-down Rodeo Clown,” adding a layer of symbolism to your artistic expression. Can you delve into the significance of this persona and how it relates to the themes woven throughout “Lonestar”?

Dreamer Boy: I like the character to be up to peoples interpretation to a degree. The rodeo as a setting and environment that is married to the landscapes and upbringing that I was surrounded by, either by spectacle or even a practical lifestyle for some, it felt like the perfect place to tell this story. I love embodying the album’s music in a physical sense.

LADYGUNN: “Heartbreaker” and “Suckerpunch” garnered significant praise from critics and audiences alike. Could you share the story behind the creation of these tracks and what inspired their distinct sound and energy?

Dreamer Boy: “Suckerpunch” was one of the first songs recorded for the album, it really served as a North Star for the album.. and the recording process. The organic in the room feeling as well as me experimenting with my vocal delivery and becoming the narrator for this album in a new way. With “Heartbreaker” it was another chance to embody the zany and over the top emotions of heartbreak in a vocal sense and we made sounds for both of those songs using trashcans, shouting, and unorthodox mic’ing techniques.

LADYGUNN: As you embark on the Summer in America tour, what are you most looking forward to experiencing or sharing with your audience during this journey?

Dreamer Boy: Letting the audience see the rodeo clown in person and performing will make a lot of it make sense. It’s also just a way to bring it all to life. It’s been a blast so far.

Catch Dreamer Boy on the rest of his tour!



June 21, 2024
Denver, CO

June 22, 2024
Salt Lake City, UT

June 24, 2024
Seattle, WA

June 25, 2024
Portland, OR

June 27, 2024
West Hollywood, CA

WORDS // Will Bollini

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