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Berlin-born artist Mogli lends far more than just breezy vocals to her new EP, Patience. She writes, performs, produces, and art directs all of her own music, in addition to penning a bestselling book, running her own sustainable fashion line and starring in the Netflix documentary, Expedition Happiness.

And she’s not tired yet.

With a background as a child opera singer, Mogli represents the hustle-or-die mentality of her generation, but I get the sense that dipping her hands in multiple creative pots is innate for her. She’s not trying to take over the world, she’s just exploring different outlets with instinctive, curious energy.

Her brand new EP follows her first two studio albums, Bird (2015), and Wanderer (2017), and is a peak into the artists’ psyche following a cross-country road trip with an ex-lover. The five-track collection offers delicate synth, drowsy melodies, and soul-piercing lyrics.

I spoke with Mogli about the process of creating the EP, as well as her musical influences and other creative pursuits.

Stream the EP HERE  and check out the interview below.

There’s a lot of 90s indie/alternative influence in your music. What is it about that era that inspires you?
What inspires me about alternative music is that its intention is not to be super current or to please as many people as possible like in commercial pop. I want to create music without having to think about how it’s going to be perceived. I want to be writing songs that are authentic and in the best case, create something new.


The new EP, Patience, is so gorgeous. What can you share about your experience creating it? How is it different from your previous work?
Thanks! 🙂 I wrote my last album Wanderer on a trip I did from Alaska to Mexico, where I was constantly surrounded by the most stunning landscapes and experienced the most intense days. Coming home I didn’t feel like topping that so I went to the studio instead to let out whats already inside of me. It developed to be a collection of snapshots into my inner world. Moments, vibes, emotions.
I personally find it inspiring that you do so much: music, film, design, and more. Does anyone criticize you for trying to “do it all”? Is there any pressure to focus on one thing? How do you handle that?
I don’t get much pressure to be honest. I’m hoping it’s because I stand behind everything I do and always do it with love so it all goes together because it’s all within the Mogli “universe”.
What are your thoughts on the sustainable fashion movement currently happening among more mainstream brands? I tend to think a lot of it is simply brands jumping on a trend (but maybe I’m just a cynic).
I think it’s a fine line. Green washing is a huge problem and lots of mainstream brands are just trying to improve their appearance. But if they are transparent and can prove that they are actually changing something, we should reward that as consumers and support them so they see it’s possible to sell ethically made clothes.




story / Catherine Santino // Photos/ Isabel Hayn
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