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The alt-pop hot girl Skofee’s new EP “Polished” is out now and it is the perfect soundtrack to your roundtrip away anywhere but here. In the title track she sings, “I can only go a couple weeks before I mess things up”. Period. We hear you girl. And we’re packing our bags and leaving town with you. The synthy vocals and spacey instruments have us daydreaming into our fantasies. There’s a song for every vibe. From warm day-time vibrations in “Polished” to deeper dance music in “Bleach.” The perfect EP for all your feelings.

Skofee grew up being in choirs, preforming in musicals, moving from town to town and now she’s here to share with us what she’s learned. Is it easy playing a part in a show or being yourself in your music? We got to talk to the LA-based singer-songwriter about having built in buddies, what it was like being a musical theatre kid and writing her latest EP “Polished.”

Tell me about being a musical theatre kid in Highschool? How did it shape what kind of musician you are now?

I think a lot of people get started in music with choirs and musical productions, and for me it definitely ignited a love for performing. Being into that stuff helped me get comfortable being onstage, though I will say for me being myself is a different experience than playing a character and a bit more intimidating. Musically, singing with other people helped me learn an ear for harmonies—which is definitely integral to my songwriting now.

What was the transition from Kansas to Los Angeles like? Did you enjoy your college experience?

It was exciting! I grew up in Kansas and actually made the move from Boulder, where I went to high school, to Los Angeles for school. I definitely enjoyed playing house shows and learning from other musicians here. Being part of a folk band during college will always be a special memory for me as well. I needed that time to get to know both the industry and myself better so I’m grateful for it.

What got you into music? When did you really start to take your passion seriously?

I just always loved it, loved singing and performing and coming up with little jingles. I actually think singing at the dinner table was banned for a while because it would annoy my brother that he couldn’t eat in peace haha. I took it seriously as soon as I realized it was a viable option for a career, and that other people were doing it and that I could too—probably early high school.

How was it writing the EP Polished? How long did it take to finish? Do you have a song you feel most connected to? Or a line?

It came together over about two years. I didn’t really decide to write for an EP specifically, but the songs on Polished were the ones that rose to the top of what I’d written during that time and I felt they actually belonged together. Jamison Baken and Devan Welsh produced the songs on Polished and contributed so much time and energy to them, so their work was so important to the end product.

It feels so wrong to choose one over the others! Almost like a favorite child. I would say “Polished” is the best summary of me and the thesis of the EP, though Crabapple makes me most emotional to listen to. The chunk of lines I like best from that one is:

“You always led the way, I make all the same mistakes

You never celebrate, said just give it one more day

Now you’re far away, you’ve got a pixelated face

I can’t follow you, can’t see your shadow move.”

What have you been listening to on repeat lately?

Lots of Chelsea Jade, ELIO and Arlo Parks.

How have you been spending your time in quarantine?

Quarantine has been long enough to have different time periods within quarantine haha. I’d say trying out new recipes and working on music and reading and overthinking everything are my usuals. And spending time with my roommates has been a life saver, very lucky I’ve got a few built in buddies.



photos / Austin Dalgleish

story / Vogue Giambri

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