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Anjelica’s new single “Tricks” is a moody song with a simple message: I’m over your shit. The song, being inspired by a toxic relationship, drips betrayal, anger and impatience. But the singer acknowledges the problems openly and by having finished the song, she’s finished with that chapter, and you feel it when you listen to the song. “Bite the hand that feeds you bitch, you’ll end up with none of it,” a sentence we’ve all wanted to say to that person that continues to take advantage of us. This is a therapeutic song not only for Anjelica, but for the listeners. We want to be over them too.

Anjelica is known for her striking images she creates in her music videos. The music video for “Tricks” is out now and it is like a museum full of silhouettes, flexible statues, and models hanging from the ceiling. And of course, she looks like a goddess dripping in jewelry and wearing tight black corsets. We got to talk to the dark pop icon about lessons she’s learned, shooting the music video and writing the song.

You said that once you finished the song “Tricks” it was like “that chapter in your life was done.” Do you find a lot of your music comes from a place like that? Where you’re using music to understand yourself?

Yes and no. Writing and producing music is definitely a portal into my psyche but emotions are layered and can take time to heal. “Tricks” is the only song I’ve created (thus far) where I finished the song and knew with certainty I was done with that chapter.

Do you hope the person you wrote this song about will hear this?

She already has.

If “Tricks” were to be featured on any movie or tv show which would you want it be?

All of them.

The images that you create in your music video are very posed and provocative. Where did you pull inspiration from for this? What was it like shooting?

It was amazing! I’ve been working with the same creative team for a while so now we tend to pull inspo directly from the visuals we’ve already shot together and like to build off the visual identity we’ve already created.

How would you describe the experience you want to give your listeners? What kind of sound and image trying to convey?

My goal is for the music to continue finding its way to all the people it’s going to inspire . Part of what I love about releasing music is getting to know the people who vibe with my sound and forming deeper relationships with them digitally until I can tour in their cities. I spend a lot of time messaging back and forth with my anjels, I listen to their music, they send me their art, we send each other voice notes, playlists, iphone videos…we give each other life advice.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned this year?

Patience, persistence, and to trust my intuition above all else.

What are some songs you can listen to all day every day?

 “Dreams” – Fleetwood Mac, “Spaceship” -Kanye West, & the entire “Moon Safari” Album by Air



photos / courtesy of artist

story / Vogue Giambri

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