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The edgy pop artist ANJELICA has an ancient soul. She feels spiritually connected to her world and her music shows it. But her world has a funny way of playing games with her. ANJELICA randomly woke up one morning unable to speak or sing- a medical mystery. For a long time she saw doctor after doctor telling her the same thing – nothing. Until finally they diagnosed it as vocal cord paresis and she spent months living with it and trying to heal herself. Luckily, she remembered what her mother taught her, and continued to practice a series of metaphysical practices along with trying psychedelics and other medications. We are happy to hear she is singing and working on projects again.

Her new song “Ancient” is about the karmic bond we all share and have been sharing. The connection with other people and all of their lives. It’s dark, it’s mysterious, it’s a contortionist act. We got to talk to ANJELICA about how she got through hard times, what she’s been thinking about, and her dream collab.

Such a cool spiritual concept behind your new song “Ancient”. Where did the inspiration come from?

Thank you!
The inspiration comes from the times I’ve met someone and there is instant soul recognition before having said a word.

The song is about two people with a karmic bond. Are you one of them and who is the other?

I believe everyone in my life and I share a karmic connection, some more ancient than others.

I’m sorry to hear about the months you couldn’t speak or sing? What got you through that time? Were you still writing songs?

I went to the desert and meditated, did yoga/breathwork, and used every spiritual tool my mom had taught me to help my body heal itself. I didn’t write any music during that time.

After being just a singer/songwriter how did you get into producing?

I started producing because it was impossible for me to communicate my sound in words.

You have a really unique style and vibe. Is there any artists on your radar you’d like to collab with? What’s your dream collaboration? Photography, styling, music video, song wise?

Drake and James Blake

What do you miss most about pre-quarantined life?

Live music and travel.

What are you thinking about right now?

How to translate texture into sound.



photos / courtesy of artist

story / Vogue Giambri

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