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story / Erica Russell

Secret Someones are, just as their name suggests, a bit of secret. The Brooklyn-based indie band, with musical roots steeped in a fizzy concoction of melodic pop, electro, and upbeat rock, are still bubbling just under the radar. And at LADYGUNN, that’s just how we like our buzz bands.

But with a self-titled debut EP that recalls the irreverent spirit of Weezer, and an upcoming tour with Marianas Trench, Secret Someones wont be a secret forever. So get to know Bess Rogers, Hannah Winkler, Lelia Broussard, and Zach Jones. After all, the best secrets are the ones that are shared!

How are you and what are you doing right now?
Hey! Right now we’re all relaxing in LA for a few days before filming a video and starting the drive home back to New York.
How did you decide on the name Secret Someones for the band?
We had been searching for the perfect band name for a while and were struggling to find something all four of us agreed on. Finally our producer, Chris Kuffner, suggested Secret Someones, which is a name of a Laura Veirs song. We all love her music, and the name instantly clicked with all of us!

How and where did you all meet?

We all met through the NYC music scene and had played and sang on each others’ music in different configurations. But the group was really solidified when we all went on a a house concert tour together. Bess, Lelia and Hannah were all playing their solo music and Zach was backing us all up on drums. People kept telling us after the shows that we should make a record all together. After a few tours, we decided they were right, and Secret Someones was born!
Which artists and albums have inspired you as a band?
We love a ton of different music, but some of our biggest influences as a band are Weezer (Blue Album and Pinkerton), Tom Petty, Talking Heads, Wilco and Metric.
How is it being a part of the legendary Cherrytree family?
It’s a dream come true! We’re big fans of so many artists on the label, and the team at Cherrytree is super dedicated and wonderful to work with. We’re very happy to be part of the family.
Your EP is called ‘I Won’t Follow.’ Who would you follow, and who wouldn’t you follow?
Would follow: your mom. Would not follow: you.
How did you guys decide to cover “Breed” (Nirvana) on the EP?
We love Nirvana and were really wanting to cover one of their songs. We decided on “Breed” because it seemed like there was room to put our own spin on it with lots of harmonies, while staying true to the original essence of the song. We all got pretty pumped about getting playing it live, too.
What do you guys have coming up over the next few months?
We’ve been on tour in Australia and New Zealand for a few dates with Marianas Trench, and now we’re home working on a few new songs for our upcoming full length record.
Can you tell us a secret?
One of us hails from a small planetary system orbiting a star in the Carina Nebula. And it’s not who you’d think!
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