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Self-describing as ‘America’s sexiest Pop-Star’, Queer artist, songwriter, and producer Drew Louis is on the warpath to stardom, pursuing his ever-expanding artistry and projects as he collaborates with and for numerous other artists all across the board. From Sony Music’s ‘The Gospellers’ to Francis Karel, Adam Wright, and Mayu Wakisaka, Drew’s already leaving his name carved in stone all over the Music scene.


Drew comes from a family with a rich musical background that fed him everything from Classic Rock, Jazz, R&B, and more. His upbringing inevitably drove him into art from a very young age, today however, it is Drew’s unabashed-pop flavor that is the cornerstone behind virtually everything he makes, including his energetic live performances (particularly his participation at OC Pride), which have often been compared to that of iconic figures such as Madonna and Lady Gaga.


“Best known for his work with Sony Music’s The Gospellers, and IZ*ONE’s YENA. Additional recent collaborations include Matt Beckley (Camila Cabello – “Havana”) Francis Karel (2M+ – Tik Tok), and Milli2nd (1.7M+ – Tik Tok). From his signature harmonies, to powerful hooks and melodies, Drew Louis is the emerging triple threat this industry has been dreaming of.” 


For the young, multi-hyphenate creator, carving out a rank in the industry has come as naturally as the artistic gifts he’s refined over the years. Today, he continues to rise both as himself and as a go-to songwriter and producer with his myriad skills and infectious Bubblegum-Pop energy. 


Clue us in a bit into your artistic origins. Has it always been ‘your thing’ and when did you get started as a musician in earnest?


When I was 5 years old belting Christina Aguilera’s “Ain’t No Other Man” in the back of my mom’s minivan, I quickly realized that I needed to be a pop star… and that I was gay. My passion for music was solidified further by growing up in the golden age of pop music with the likes of Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, and Katy Perry. At a young age, I learned that Pop Music is one-of-a-kind. To me, Pop is the ultimate euphoria, the great escape, and there’s nothing else I’d rather contribute to this world.


On a personal level, what do you like to explore the most with your songs? what sort of topics or ideas you often find your mind gravitating towards?


I always write honestly. If I’m in love, I write a love song. If I’m heartbroken, I write a break-up song. Right now though… I’m just really in love. I’ve had the best time letting the world see a glimpse of my love for the first time. (@drewandsham – TikTok) I had always been private with my relationships in the past, but something about this time feels different. The most honest way I know how to convey my feelings is through my music, and my new music is exuding all of it. The butterflies, the bliss, and the true magic of love…and I can’t wait to let you into my world.


Songwriting is normally such a personal thing, what’s the trick to writing songs for other people?


Again, it always comes back to honesty. People assume pop music is surface level, because they take it for face value. The prolific pop songs played to death on Top 40 always have a story, that’s what gives them heart. When an artist comes into my studio, I’m writing their story. I have my own perspective to offer, but at the end of the day, it’s taking their feelings and saying it in a new way together.


Is there a particular song or project you’re proudest of so far?


I’m most proud of my new music, but I know that answer isn’t fair. [laughs] I’m really proud of the work I did with YENA on “Lxxk 2 U” and “VACAY”. Even though the lyrics are translated to Korean, the message and feeling of both songs come through. Melody is the most powerful tool in music, and I’m really proud that my feelings are able to be felt through the music alone. But yeah… my new music is really my favorite work I’ve ever done. [laughs] But don’t worry I promise it’s coming sooner than you think!


Always a fair question: Who are your biggest influences and inspirations?


We’ve lost the magic of iconic live performances in Pop, and that’s where I come in. There’s a difference between musicians and performers. Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, and Madonna are all incredible entertainers. They not only have great music, but they are genuinely making art every step of the way. I don’t think you should be allowed to perform at the VMA’s if you aren’t planning on bleeding out onstage.


What about outside the world of music? Who inspires you there?


I wish I had an answer, but I truly don’t do anything but make music and perform it. [laughs] I clearly don’t have a good grip on work-life balance yet. [laughs]


What’s in your 2023 bingo? what do you hope to see in the world this year?

I’m so tired of boring celebrities. I need celebrities to start acting like they deserve the spotlight they have. Where’s the narcissism? Where’s the eclectic fashion? We need more iconic mini scandals to dwell on besides the world falling apart, and M&M’s spokes candies.


What about your personal goals? what are you working towards this year?

I’m here to bring Pop Music back to the forefront of culture. I have my new music coming this spring, I’m exponentially getting new fans, and I’m finally getting credibility for my work and for what I do. I am more ready than ever to let the world know who Drew Louis is, and why I not only deserve, but demand your attention.


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