In the Clink with Veruca Salt

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story /  David Leigh Abts & Dani Mari

photos / Maggie Wall

edited /  Ashley Goodwin

In the The Shawshank Redemption, Andy Dufresne was able to bring the symphonies of Mozart into his heart and mind in order to make his time in the clink the easiest it could have possibly been. Similarly, Veruca Salt will have the same effect on you as you walk to your 9 to 5 on Monday. You, just like our pal Andy, will bring those sweet, sweet harmonies with you.
There is no reason to expect a stale set from these ladies. Over the years they have developed a sound that is nothing short of¬†cutting edge, and is far from your basic, no ridges, Lay’s¬†potato¬†chip bag, half-filled with air. Veruca Salt provides the audience with an experience that is fresh, timeless and exceedingly entertaining. Picture, if you will, our conference call with these accomplished musicians. Two writers, myself and Dani Mari, barreling down the Jersey Turnpike on a mission to get the hell out of the city for the weekend with steering wheel, Cherry Coke, pen, and paper in hand. At the same time, Veruca Salt is sitting poolside after a long tour of sold out dates, enjoying a cocktail. Finally, in a cold office, in a galaxy far, far away, their tour manager is managing her time before Axl Rose calls collect to see if it is still OK for him to do karaoke at The Blue Oyster later tonight.

We were lucky to have had this moment to speak with the band recently and the interview started out on an appropriately comical note. When we asked the ladies, ‚ÄúIs there a question that you have never been asked?” they responded with, ‚Äúthat‚Äôs a good one; let me think about that‚ÄĚ. Their tour manager promptly chimed in with, “12 minutes left ladies.”¬†So they continued, ‚ÄúIn the beginning‚ÄĚ, Nina and Louise would write the songs for¬†Veruca¬†Salt separately, and then present them to fellow¬†band mates¬†Jim (who is also Nina’s brother) and Steve. However, since their reunion, the band has decided to¬†co-write¬†all of their songs.¬†Dani, who is also a singer/songwriter herself, asked how the transition to this writing process has been for the band.¬†Nina spoke about how the songs are now a true collaboration instead of individual voices. Now they can all speak together through their songs and feel proud together as well. Most importantly, they can all be connected to the music they play. Louise mentioned that they feel more like a band now, than ever before.¬†Dani asked Nina what it was like to¬†co-write¬†and also be in a band with her brother. Right away Louise chimed in, realizing she had never thought to ask Nina that in the past. Nina reflected and noted that it‚Äôs comforting to have a family member on tour. And even though their sibling relationship can be tense at times, writing and playing music together is exciting and sweet. Louise also expressed how hilarious Jim is and how he makes them laugh all the time. Overall, the band appears to be happy to be making music and touring again. Fellow seasoned musicians¬†and songwriters can find comfort in their formula and more importantly, their fans get to see one of their favorite bands evolve through their issues in order to make new music.
Singing, dancing, and carrying on- Veruca Salt’s set was as tight as a John Deere engine; ready to complete the long haul of the harvest just in time for some good old fashioned fun. Like going with your pops to see Jurassic World, or perhaps eating bon-bons with your girlfriends on a Saturday night while watching reruns of Golden Girls. Veruca Salt is Sex Waxing, wave riding, beach smashing fun that gives our tired life a brand new pulse comparable to the resuscitation Amy Winehouse once provided us.


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