“Hot Bitch” by CHEIQ Ft. Lala Ri Is an Explosion of Rebellion and Empowerment

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CHEIQ & Lala Ri’s “Hot Bitch” emerges as a vibrant anthem, bringing together sass, empowerment and a touch of rebellion. From its catchy beats to its bold lyrics, this collaboration offers a potent cocktail of self-love and affirmation.

The song begins with CHEIQ‘s commanding declaration, “I’m hot / I’m rich, I’m that song / That you never skip,” setting the tone for the unabashed celebration of individuality that follows. With a pulsating beat and infectious energy, “Hot Bitch” demands attention and challenges listeners to embrace their inner diva and own their worth.

In terms of sound, the song seamlessly blends elements of pop, hip-hop, and dance, amidst a pulsating beat that is both infectious and empowering. Each sonic element is meticulously arranged to create an atmosphere of celebration and self-confidence.

On the one hand, CHEIQ – a pop artist hailing from Brooklyn – brings a theatrical and spunky flair to her music, infusing each track with an animated punch. Renowned for her full-scale productions, CHEIQ‘s music tells a vivid story from start to finish, while her music videos offer a glimpse into the immersive experience she creates for her audience.

Lala Ri, on the other hand, has gained recognition primarily for their drag performances and appearances on the global television phenomenon RuPaul’s Drag Race in both season 13 and RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars season 8. This exposure allowed them to showcase their talents on stages worldwide. 

Thanks to CHEIQ’s bold performance and Lala Ri’s charismatic delivery, “Hot Bitch” becomes a ‘tour de force’ that exudes a mix of arrogance and confidence, impossible to ignore.

“Hot Bitch Remix is about manifesting the career I see for myself and tuning out the outside voices and opinions and reminding myself that the only opinion that matters is mine,” said CHEIQ.

The artist remembers that “Your mindset is absolutely everything when it comes to living a healthy and successful life” and assures that with the hook “I’m hot / I’m rich, I’m that song / That you never skip,” what she did was precisely remind herself that she is wonderful, and that she operates at the vibration of miracles. But it’s not just the lyrics that have a big impact; The accompanying music video elevates the song to new heights, offering a visual feast of empowerment and fantasy. 

“I am so pleased with how our mini-movie of a music video turned out. I wanted it to be this moment where women could get what they want. I let these characters manifest their own futures both good and bad,” CHEIQ said about the video.

CHEIQ’s concept of turning historical narratives on their head proves to be a stroke of genius, as we witness Marie Antoinette, Medusa and the Queen of Hearts transform their narratives and tell other stories. From Marie Antoinette beheading her husband to Medusa punishing Poseidon, each vignette unfolds like a subversive fairy tale, challenging traditional power dynamics and celebrating the feminine. In a world that often seeks to diminish individuality, this track serves as a powerful reminder to unapologetically embrace one’s truth.



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