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When someone talks about the band Hinds, the first thing you’ll probably hear them say is, “they came out of nowhere.” This is because the quartet of badass chicks from Madrid seems to have risen to popularity overnight. After only having been together a year, they crushed the alternative scene the same way bands that having been touring for years do. Despite their native language being Spanish, their new album Leave Me Alone is written completely in English. It has a throwback garagey sound but is riddled with lyrics that are much more emotional than the music that surrounds them. The songs are to the point and not bogged down by clichés, which may have something to do with the translation. It’s grunge enough to pump you up but surprisingly easy to listen to everyday. “Our intention with the album was just do the music we would like to hear,” founder Ana says, “We are real music lovers, and we’ve always worked hard on doing exactly what we liked. I hope people get that; get that to do a song is a big deal, and we are proud of every single song on the record.”
On tour, the girls laidback, DIY style makes the group that much more enviable. With long messy hair, baggy t-shirts, and red lips they have mastered the art of rock and roll cool without trying too hard. “We all are different but like the same things. We all like baggie style. We live on the road, always on a hurry, always carrying things and sleeping very little so our style had to be comfortable, we can’t do any other.” As a whole, Hinds is that band that you just can’t help but be into, the one that when someone asks you for new music it’s the first Spotify link you pass off. Their motto is ‘our shit rules’ and honestly, we couldn’t agree more.

Hinds’ album Leave Me Alone is now available on Itunes.



photos / Santiago Felipe

story / Alyssa Hardy

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